Hallyu Star Spotlight: Jang Ki Yong’s Stellar Rise To Stardom And Why Fans Love Him

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Five years can be a long or short time, depending on how one utilizes the time.

For Jang Ki Yong, he maximized his time well. In the span of five years, Jang steadily built his acting career and recently, his popularity positively exploded.

Jang Ki Yong

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Let’s take a look back on Jang’s impressive filmography and get to know what the handsome actor has been through in those five years.

Jang Ki Yong As We Know Him So Far

Everything that Jang seems to touch turns into gold. He has been an actor for only 5 years, but he has already built an impressive line of entertaining dramas.

Jang started out in 2014 through cameo roles in dramas. In his debut year alone, he was cast in dramas like It’s Ok That’s Love, Surplus Princess and The Greatest Wedding. He followed it up with supporting roles in the next few years with Schoolgirl Detectives, This is My Love and Beautiful Mind.

But in 2017, Jang notched a surge in popularity. His roles in The Liar and His Lover has called attention to the tall and handsome actor. In the latter part of the year, he portrayed the role of Jung Nam Gil, a quiet and aloof boy who was enamored by Jang Na Ra’s character, Ma Jin Joo in KBS fantasy-romance drama Go Back Couple.

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In 2018, he went against the norm and surprised his fans when he took on a more risque and violent role in My Mister. This turned to be the beginning of a new genre that challenged the actor, because he picked up darker roles in Kill It and Come and Hug Me.

Jang Ki Yong Kill It

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In 2019, Jang revisited an even more gentler side when he portrayed Park Morgan in Search: WWW. Jang’s character falls in love with Lim Soo Jung’s character Bae Ta Mi.

His portrayal gained immense love from viewers for suiting up as a man who fell in love with a woman older than him. Moreover, his character gifted a few memorable love lines that make the viewers feel warm and happy.


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2019 seems to be Jang’s year. Aside from Search:WWW, he starred in his first feature film Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos. Currently, the movie is a success at the box office, bringing in more that 3 million moviegoers.

The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

CJ Entertainment

And lastly, Jang is an awarded actor so early in his career. He won Best Rookie Actor for his role in Come and Hug Me. Paired with Jin Ki Joo, Jang’s character Chae Do Jin’s father Yoon Hee Jae haunted the pair well into their adulthood. After their traumatic experience in their childhood, both Do Jin and Jin’s character Han Jae Yi overcome the trauma and live together happily.

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Jang Ki Yong ‘Filmography’ in Manila

Jang Ki Yong has great news to share to his fans in Manila. The handsome actor will be staging his first ever fan meeting in the Philippines on November 17.

Aptly called Filmography: 2019 Jang Ki Yong First Fan Meeting in Manila, he will bring exciting stages for his fans. It will be an intimate gathering for those who have followed Jang’s career and have loved him for the roles he has diligently portrayed.

Tickets will be on sale starting October 5. Fans can log on to www.SMTickets.com or call 470-2222 for more details on how to get close to the handsome and talented actor.

Jang Ki Yong

Wilbros Live

The 2019 Jang Ki Yong 1st Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by YG EntertainmentApplewood and Wilbros Live.

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