A Virtual K-Food Festival Is In Store For The Food Enthusiasts In Singapore

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A new online event catered to Korean food lovers is taking place in Singapore!

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea is bringing an online K-Food event in Singapore. In order to support the “stay home” circuit breaker measures, the Embassy is organizing the event nationwide.

K-Food Singapore

The aim of this festival is to share the culture and taste of Korea among the community. At the same time, the Embassy will also take a part in giving back and cheering for the healthcare community, who are dedicating themselves in the fight against COVID-19.

About the K-Food event

The K-Food Online Festival will take place virtually starting from 27 May 2020 to 14 June 2020. Recently, the first K-Pop Online Fest was also held in Singapore to encourage people for staying at home.

Following the K-Pop Fest, the newest K-Food initiative will continue to keep up the hype generated from it. The K-Food event invites both Korean food lovers and cooking enthusiasts to share their love for Korean cuisine through the K-Food Challenge.

Other than sharing love for Korean cuisine, this challenge is a great way to strengthen family bonds and also a means of supporting the Korean food-related service providers in Singapore.

K-Food Event Organizers

The organizers of this event are the Korean Embassy, the Korean Food and Beverage Association in Singapore (KFBS) and Majulah Movement, a donation platform for healthcare staff and migrant workers. The Korean Embassy will be donating SGD 5,000 worth of Korean meal boxes to support healthcare workers in Sengkang General Hospital.

Mr. Ahn Young Jip, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea said, “Koreans have
maintained a tradition to share food with families, friends, and neighbors after ceremonies or rituals, strengthening solidarity spirit. I hope to share the spirit with everyone through K-Food Online Festival.”

Adding further, he said, “I also would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards Singaporeans’ love to Korean cuisine and deliver a humble token of appreciation to the medical front-liners, who are the true heroes of the global pandemic. Korea will fight alongside with Singapore, and we can overcome this crisis together.”

Why take part in this K-Food event?

Korean cuisine has a bright and colourful culture. There has been multiple instances when Korean food became the source of many viral food trends, such as dalgona iced coffee, which is the most recent one. The Steak Ramdon (also known as Jjapaguri) from Oscar-winning movie Parasite is another such example.

So, you can use your creative ideas and try your hands at recreating some famous K-Food recipes in the Singaporean way. Besides, it is quite easy to be a part of this event. You just have to record a video of yourself cooking or tasting your favourite Korean dishes, and post the video online with a hashtag #KfoodSGunited.

There is an opportunity to win attractive vouchers from local Korean marts and restaurants, worth SGD 5,000 in combined value. The organizers will review the submissions and decide on the winner. They will be considering the incorporation of fun and creative elements, originality and content engagement as the evaluation criteria amongst other parameters.

K-Food Singapore

How to Participate?

There are two categories for the contest: K-Cooking Challenge and K-Food Challenge.

Following are the steps to submit your entry:

  1. Record a video of yourself cooking or tasting your favourite Korean dishes or doing any Korean food related challenges. The video duration should be less than 1 minute.
  2. In the video, it must include the shout-out “KfoodSGunited”
  3. Follow @KfoodSGunited on Instagram and/or Facebook
  4.  Post the video* onto your Instagram and/or Facebook. You can add maximum of three video entries (*Note: Please set your shared post or Instagram account to public so that your entry will be viewable)
  5. In your post’s caption, include the hashtag #KfoodSGunited and tag @KfoodSGunited along with 2 fellow K-Food lovers

(BONUS: For a higher chances of winning, comment some lines on why you love Korean food and/or include a short description on the Korean food that is featured in your video)

Prizes from the event

K-Cooking Challenge

  • Grand Prize: Korean Mart SGD 500 E-Voucher (1 Winner)
  • 2nd Prize: Korean Mart SGD 200 E-Voucher (5 Winners)
  • 3rd Prize: Korean Mart SGD 100 E-Voucher (10 Winners)

K-Food Challenge

  • Grand Prize: Korean Restaurant SGD 500 E-Voucher (1 Winner)
  • 2nd Prize: Korean Restaurant SGD 200 E-Voucher (5 Winners)
  • 3rd Prize: Korean Restaurant SGD 100 E-Voucher (10 Winners)

Note: E-Voucher Redemption will be notified to the winners individually. Other Terms & Conditions may apply.

Event Rules

  • IMPORTANT: Participants who fail to abide by laws, social distancing, and circuit breaker measurements imposed by the Singapore government will be disqualified.
  • K-Food Online Festival (the “Event”) is organised by the Korean Embassy.
  • The Event is open to all residents of Singapore who are aged 18 and above at the start of the Event period. For those who are below 18 years old, supervision of parents and/or legal guardians are required.
  • All entries can be submitted from 27 May 2020, 00:00 hours to 14 June 2020, 23:59 hours (GMT+8) (both dates inclusive, the “Event Period”). Winners will be announced by the end of June 2020.

For more information on the Event as well as its Terms & Conditions, please visit https://m.facebook.com/KfoodSGunited/.

PR Source and Image Credit: Kfood SGUnited

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