“K-Pop Cover Dance Festival” Crowns The Most Popular Cover Dance Group; Garners Over 600,000 Views

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And the Best Dance Cover Group is…

International amateur K-Pop cover dance competition K-Pop Cover Dance Festival 2017 wrapped up successfully last weekend with over 600,000 video views on Twitter and Periscope.

10 dance cover groups from across the globe competed in this year’s festival, which recorded over 122,486 interactions on Twitter between May 26 to June 3.

Over 250,900 global fans caught the semi-finals live broadcast. The broadcast received more than 257,000 hearts and saw K-Pop group K.A.R.D. as judges for the competition. The group also delivered a special performance at the event.

Out of 10, only four finalists made it to the finals and appeared as opening act for Dream Concert 2017. The competition’s finals gathered 261,000 views and more than 327,000 hearts on Periscope and Twitter.

Russian cover dance group X.EAST took home the coveted Twitter Popular Choice Award. It emerged victorious over nine other finalists from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Japan, United States (US), Vietnam and host country South Korea. X.EAST garnered over 42,000 interactions on Twitter, which included retweets, replies, likes, mentions and video views.

The K-Pop Cover Dance Festival aims to bring together and showcase the prowess of K-Pop fans all over the world in Korean idol group dance and style through cover dancing. It is hosted by Seoul Shinmun Daily and sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korean Cultural Center, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, GyeoungJu World Culture Expo, ASEAN-Korea Centre, Recording Industry Association of Korea and Megazone.

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