KCON Moves Event Online Promising A Fully Immersive Digital Convention Through “KCONTACT 2020 SUMMER”

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KCON shifts gears due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, hosting its convention online in a 24/7 broadcast for an entire week!

This year has been a difficult one for K-pop events considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As many concerts were either cancelled outright or postponed for a later date, fans have been disappointed by their inability to see their favorite artists. Additionally affected by the pandemic was KCON, which stands for “The World’s Largest K Culture Convention & Festival”.

Hosted by CJ ENM, the event was originally scheduled to take place in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, and Bangkok over the summer and into the early fall. According to KCON‘s SNS channels, the event will now move entirely online.

KCON announced a special theme for this year’s edition. To celebrate the convention’s history of 24 events that took place in seven countries, KCON‘s online event this year will be a special 24/7 live-stream.

The event will thus stream for 24 hours each day, over the course of the week of June 20-26th. The broadcast, called KCON:TACT 2020 Summer, will occur on Mnet-Kpop’s official YouTube channel.

What to expect

While a specific list of participating artists has not yet been announced, 30 K-pop artists will participate. Fans can expect live performances by the artists, remote fan-meets, backstage concert videos, and special vertical dance videos. “DIA TV” creators will also collaborate in the event to provide various K-beauty, K-food, and K-lifestyle contents.

Moreover, CJ ENM is planning to utilize interactive technology such as “augmented reality” and “virtual reality”, previously used during the 2019 MAMA Awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

The content for KCON:TACT 2020 Summer will be divided into paid and unpaid access, depending on the artist. Part of the proceeds from the paid access content will be donated to UNESCO’s “Learning Never Stops” campaign, which aims to improve students’ access to education during the lockdown period induced by the coronavirus scare.

The move to a digital platform will surely thrill K-pop fans who eagerly anticipate the annual event. KCON‘s cumulative audience for past events exceeds 1.1 million people. Moving online will cater to those who turn to the event as an opportunity to connect with their favorite idols.

Online concerts: the “new normal”

The decision to broadcast KCON online follows the lead of other events that have turned digital. This includes BTS’ BangBangCon, 88Rising’s Asia Rising Forever, and SM’s Beyond Live online concerts. Fans have been able to enjoy performances by their favorite artists right from their homes.

BTS Bang Bang Con

Audiences can anticipate more online events in the months that follow as precautionary measures continue due to COVID-19.

Furthermore, K-pop fans were recently thrilled by the announcement of a free global K-pop concert, KPOP North. The event will also stream online, featuring performances by loved K-pop artists, interactive games, and many other surprises in store.

KPOP North is currently hosting a SURVEY giveaway contest. All survey participants are automatically entered to win a round-trip to Seoul, an iPad Air 3rd Generation, or AirPods.

Source: KCON website | Sports Seoul

Image Credit: CJ ENM | BigHit Entertainment