Kim Jaejoong Celebrates Birthday With Seoul Stop of J-PARTY Asia Tour

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Kim Jaejoong successfully completed the Seoul concert of J-PARTY Asia Tour!

Decking a two-night concert the phenomenal artist held the 2023 KIM JAE JOONG Asia Tour Concert ‘J-PARTY’ in Seoul and made special memories with fans. The event happened at Shinhan Card Atrium, COEX, Seoul on January 28 and 29.

Jaejoong Kim, who performed “I’ll Protect You” and “We’re” in succession, filled the stage with his delicate singing skills. Thereafter, his emotional stage with “In This World” and “Tender Love” touched the hearts of the audience.

As it was a concert to celebrate Kim Jaejoong’s birthday, a surprise birthday party was held with a birthday cake. Remarkably, the fans held an event with warm words such as: “You are always at the center of our existence♥” and “Our 10 years colored only by Kim Jaejoong” completed a touching moment.

Amplifying the excitement, Jaejoong wowed the crowd and became one with them when he performed fan favorites including “Now Is Good”, “One Kiss” and “Run Away”. Driving fans wild he delivered scintillating stages for his songs “Luvholic”, “SECRET”, “Kiss B” and “Welcome To My Wild World”.

With his fans raving about his passionate performance, Kim Jaejoong treated them with an encore stage of “NOBODY LIKE YOU”.

Sending his fans home after his fiery performances; Kim conveyed appreciation for his fans.

 “I am so grateful to be able to spend a happy time meeting you guys face-to-face, singing together, and receiving great congratulations every year for the fun cause of ‘J-Party’. But thinking that there will be people who will congratulate me like this next year, I promise to repay you with a better image that will not disappoint you.”

Closing his birthday J-Party concert, he serenaded fans with “Walking On Water” and promised to continue sharing special moments with them.

“I hope that a relationship where you can say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ will continue in the future. I will work hard to share my feelings more generously and express myself better so that I can get closer to you.” 

Kim Jaejoong will continue his performance in Taiwan on March 4th.

Source: JTBC News

Photos: C-Jes Entertainment