Kim Sung Kyu Celebrates The Release Of His New Album “INSIDE ME” With Comeback Showcase

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Not only did Kim Sung Kyu deliver a splendid album, but he also reminded us of his outstanding vocal talent in his comeback showcase.

Kim Sung Kyu released his new album INSIDE ME on December 14 at 6 PM KST. To celebrate his long awaited return, he held a special comeback showcase on the same day at 8 PM KST where he presented his new work.

Kim Sung Kyu

An entertaining live event

The artist opened the show with a Live performance of one of his new tracks called “Climax”. With MC Haru joining the showcase as its host, the idol was able to introduce his album and communicate with fans around the world.

Kim Sung Kyu expressed his feelings about his comeback by saying, “I’m so happy to be able to greet everyone after a long time with a new album. Since my album is out, I want to let you listen to the new songs soon.”

He also talked about INSIDE ME, starting with, “The genre has changed a lot compared to the previous releases. Up to now, I’ve worked with NELL’s Jong Wan, but this time I wanted to try a different color, so I tried a lot of new things.”

In addition, Sung Kyu gave a preview of his album’s physical copy, showing what it includes and even displayed some of the included photos. The artist also revealed a few fun behind the scenes stories about the photo shoot for INSIDE ME.

He shared, “While doing the jacket shoot, I wanted to show a new side. So, I tried getting a tattoo. It was a very interesting experience.” Then, he talked about the stunning bathtub shots. “It was my first time filming in a bathtub. Fortunately, the water was warm and it was comfortable filming it, like taking a lower-body bath. I remember having a hard time that day, because my boiler broke down.”

Lastly, the idol expressed his excitement once again. “A lot has been prepared for this album, so I hope we can enjoy it together. Take care of your health and I hope that only happy things will come in the future.”

Captivating performances

Aside from “Climax”, the artist also performed two additional songs. One was “Room”, which was revealed prior to the album’s release, during Kim Sung Kyu’s solo concert in November. The other one was “I’m Cold”, which was also the track’s very first stage. The singer attracted both eyes and ears with his more mature vocals and incredible performance.

The full comeback showcase is now uploaded on INFINITE’s official V Live channel for fans to watch. Also, the stages of the three songs were uploaded in separate videos, ready to be watched.

Meanwhile, Kim Sung Kyu will continue on with his promotions for his new title track “I’m Cold”.

Source: HeraldCorp, INFINITE V LIVE

Image credit: Woollim Entertainment