Kim Yoo Jung Promises To Repay Her Fans’ Love At Recent Fan Meeting

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Kim Yoo Jung wrapped up her fan meeting YOU_TOPIA with a bang at KT Zepp Yokohama, Japan.

Initially planned as a one-off event, the overwhelming support from her fans led to a second performance being added on the same day, solidifying Kim Yoo Jung’s global popularity.

The event kicked off with a bang as Kim Yoo-jung delivered a special stage, unique to her Japanese fan base, starting with a rendition of ‘Midsummer Fruit’ by Japan’s Southern All Stars.

Emotions ran high as she shared the behind-the-scenes story of practicing singing for a month, exclusively for her Japanese fans. She also opened up about her current endeavors and offered insights into her recent work and characters.

The mention of My Demon, which concluded earlier this year, elicited cheers from her fans, underscoring the enduring popularity of her dramas. Adding to the excitement, she shared anecdotes from her travels and shared previously unseen photos from her trip to Japan.

During the second part of the event, Kim Yoo Jung engaged with fans by answering their questions, inviting them onstage, and participating in various interactive segments and games. She demonstrated exceptional warmth by maintaining eye contact and offering comforting hugs to a tearful fan onstage.

The fan meeting concluded on a heartfelt note as Kim Yoo-jung passionately performed ‘Night Letter’ and shared a video of her handwritten letter read in Japanese, leaving fans deeply touched. Expressing their gratitude, fans participated in a slogan event with the phrase “Meeting Yoojeong is my great luck,” fostering a meaningful and affectionate bond.

Reflecting on the special memories created with her Japanese fans, Kim Yoo Jung expressed her gratitude, stating, “I was thrilled and nervous to reunite with Japanese fans after a long time, but I am incredibly grateful for their overwhelming presence at the concert hall. It brought me immense joy to interact with them up close. I promise to work even harder to reciprocate the love you have shown me. I love you all.”

Following the performance, Kim Yoo Jung held a send-off party, personally connecting with each fan as they departed, ensuring a memorable fan service experience till the very end.