Lee Seung Gi Journeys To Every Airen’s Heart As He Kicks Off “Vagabond Voyage” Asia Tour In Manila

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Korean superstar Lee Seung Gi is embarking on a Vagabond Voyage.

His mission is to bring happiness to all his fans around the world. The current fan meeting tour takes the actor to different cities around Asia. In this way, he can personally greet his fans and spend precious time with them.

Lee Seung Gi Fan Meeting Tour

Kicking off his tour in Manila, Lee’s fans, or Airens, are eagerly anticipating the colorful stages the actor brings. Known as the “Triple Threat” and the “Ballad Prince”, surely Lee will fire up the stage with his wit, infectious charm and sweet voice.

An Airen’s Every Dream

Every girl’s journey as a fan girl ultimately leads to this, personally seeing your favorite star in the flesh. Hoping to win in contest for that elusive selfie, or better, getting a hug from Lee.

But what’s more important is the validation that the star you’ve adored for years is everything you thought they are. Smart, charming, sweet and endlessly adorable.

Lee is definitely no stranger in the industry. Since his debut, Lee never shies away from trying his hand in everything that comes his way.

For many years, fans followed Lee as he was part of the original cast of 1 Night 2 Days. There, Airens got a glimpse of Lee’s personality. And fell in love with him.

Furthermore, Lee is a talented actor. In fact, he gains fans because of his down to earth acting. Although he may not have the classic Korean beauty that most of his contemporaries possess, Lee stands his own.

He has expressive and beautiful eyes, his smile is as wide and as bright as the sky, and he looks good in anything he wears. Sure, fans are enamored by him because of his handsome appearance, but it’s his personality that keep them enthralled by him for years.

Manila Meets The Vagabond Star

All roads lead to the New Frontier Theater on October 12. As Lee kicks off his Vagabond Voyage in Manila, expectations are high. After all, with Lee’s boundless well of talents, the evening will surely be an explosive one. Looking forward to Lee serenade the Airens with his beautiful voice, the fan meeting promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Lee Seung Gi

CDM Entertainment

2019 Lee Seung Gi Asia Fan Meeting Vagabond Voyage In Manila is presented by CDM Entertainment. 

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