Lovelyz Counts The Days Until “Deep Forest” With Individual Posters

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Lovelyz is counting down the days for its online concert Deep Forest through individual posters.

The talented girls of Lovelyz are about to hold their online concert Deep Forest in just a couple of days. In order to hype its fans further, the group has been unveiling official posters of its members.

Lovelyz Yein

At noon on October 15, Woollim Entertainment shared the D-3 photo for LOVELYZ ONTACT CONCERT Deep Forest, featuring Yein. In the picture, she attracted the attention with her more mature gaze, directed at the camera. Yein, showed off her chic yet innocent appeal which earned her a lot of positive feedback.

In addition, since last Sunday, October 11, the group began counting down the days for their concert. Members Kei, Jin, Jisoo and Baby Soul already shined in their solo shots and raised the excitement of fans.

The girls emitted their pure yet alluring charms, spiking the interest for the event. From elegant and dreamy, to enchanting and fairy-like, the artists successfully radiated their own unique appeal. The idols will share the rest of the posters consecutively, prior of the concert.

Lovelyz Deep Forest

Through Deep Forest, Lovelyz plans to show never seen before stages and to captivate the eyes and ears through their mysterious and dreamy music. The event will present a fall fairy tale between artists and fans to create everlasting memories between them.

LOVELYZ ONTACT CONCERT Deep Forest will be held on October 18 at 3 PM KST. The event will be available to watch Live through Seezn and Olleh TV for Korean fans, and on MyMusicTaste for international fans.

Tickets are still available on all platforms, so do not forget to secure yours on time!

Source: Sports Donga, Woollim Entertainment

Image credit: Woolim Entertainment