“Melon Music Awards 2020” Reveals Event Week Details

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The detailed program for Melon Music Awards 2020 is announced!

Music platform Melon unveiled the schedule for its Melon Music Awards 2020 WEEK,ย which will run online for a total of four days from December 2 to 5.

melon music awards 2020

This year’s MMA WEEK will be filled with time for fans and artists to become closer through music, in line with the concept of “Stay Closer in Music.” Attention is focused on the fact that a large number of colorful genres and various artists will be shown for four days.

According to the revealed schedule, MMA 2020 WEEK will showcase a variety of content and stages. That includes unique concept stages, pre-presentation awards and entertainment/interviews.

Exciting four days to look forward to

First of all, MC JaeJae, AB6IX’s Daehwi, ONF’s Wyatt and Golden Child’s Jangjun will participate in an idol panel on December 2 and 3. Through it, they will look back and talk about K-music topics from this year.

DAMOIM, loved by the entire nation for bringing up the “FLEX syndrome,” is expected to decorate the MMA WEEK stage. It includes a group of five hip hop representatives: Yumdda, Deepflow, Paloalto, The Quiett and Simon Dominic.

Singer-songwriter Jeong Sewoon will act as an MC for a healing music interview panel. Through it, many stars and melon users will share various stories. The “2020 Rookie of the Year” stage, that will be revealed, is also drawing attention. Specifically, it is given only to newcomers who have received the most spotlights this year.

In addition, this year’s MMA WEEK will create an award for “Hidden First Class Contributions” sessions. Attention is focusing on who will take MMA’s first session trophy.

Also, artists like Gaho, Park Moonchi, Leenalchi, Jang Beom June, JaeJae and DAY6(Even of Day) are planning to present special contents during the event.

On the last day, December 5, the much-awaited main performances will be held. Earlier, all-time singers such as BTS, Lim Young-woong and Young Tak confirmed their participation, further raising the anticipation.

Details regarding the Melon Music Awards 2020 are available on the Melon app and the MMA 2020 webpage. Additionally, you can receive notifications for MMA WEEK by setting up a notification on Kakao Talk’s calendar. There are even events that offer various gifts when doing that.

Meanwhile, MMA 2020ย will take place from December 2 to 5, as a non-face-to-face online festival. During the awaited week, Melon will release new content suitable for these types of music festivals.

MMA 2020 will broadcast live via KakaoTalk, Melon, 1theK, KakaoTV, Daum, and various global media partners.

For full schedules and details, check out Melon’s official website and social media platform.

Source: enews24, Melon