MONSTA X Marks Electrifying World Tour Kickoff At “We Are Here In Seoul”

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MONSTA X opens their third world tour with a brilliant and regal atmosphere. Monbebes everywhere would have to see this.

April 13 and 14 were big days for MONSTA X and their fans. According to sources, they tore up the stage with intense performances and soaked the audience with sweat, water and unforgettable memories. It was a beginning of an eagerly-awaited world tour.


MONSTA X held a two-day party for Monbebes at the Seoul Olympic Handball Gymnasium. The 2019 MONSTA X WORLD TOUR ‘WE ARE HERE’ IN SEOUL boasted high quality stages and events from the world-renowned K-Pop group. The seven-piece extravaganza showed tireless stamina as they performed for three and a half hours. The boys started with a blazing introduction and the stage got even more scorching after each number. They performed previous hit title tracks like “Shoot Out”, “Trespass”, “Jealousy” and “DRAMARAMA”. However, the boys made it more intimate for the fans during their rendition of “Sweetheart (White Sugar)”.

It poured and came pouring for the latter half of the show. The whole gymnasium partied like crazy as they performed surefire upbeat tracks like “Oh My!” and “Special”.

“Fallin'”, a certified favorite of the boys and the fans, transformed the show into a whole bustling club as people danced around while the boys jumped and rocked out on the stage. In addition, this is where MONSTA X equipped themselves with water guns and poured heavy rain, from water bottles, on to each other and the audience.

New era, new units

Monbebes are treated to dazzling performances and sweet messages during tour season. Aside from that, fans also look forward to new unit stages from the boys. Last year, Monbebes were treated with the special stages of Joohoney and Shownu’s “Versace on the Floor” and “Kang Baek Ho”; Minhyuk, Kihyun and Wonho’s “I Do Love You” and “No Reason”; and I.M and Hyungwon’s “Fake Love” and “How Long” performances.

This year, fans are privileged to see new unit stages from the seven-member band. Shownu and Wonho teamed up for a sensual performance, “Mirror”, with see-through tops and an interesting backstory.

Joohoney displayed his talent in playing drums as he teamed up with co-rapper I.M for an intense hip hop stage with memorable lyrics.

Hyungwon, Minhyuk and Kihyun, lovingly dubbed by the fans as the 93-line due to their birth years, got together for a sizzling stage of Bazzi’s “Myself”.

Each of the members had their own time to speak to the fans after the performances. Joohoney gave a message in tears stating, “You all made me understand what love is in this life, and it’s thanks to you that I am happy everyday”. Everyone felt the love radiating from the venue, a genuine feeling in each and everybody’s hearts.

From beginning to end, the show was nothing but explosive and exciting. MONSTA X continue to bring out the best of themselves through each other and their fans — for a better and happier world through music.

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