Multiple Times When Park Hae Jin Sweeps Fans’ Hearts With His Astounding Photos

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Official photoshoot or not, Park Hae Jin look is truly a of a fashion icon.

Aside from being South Korea’s bankable actors, Park Hae Jin is proving himself to be in line with the top models. Posing for some magazines like Esquire, Preview and Cosmopolitan, and endorsements like Calvin Klein, his artistic sense emanates slaying for those cameras.

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Meanwhile, Hae Jin is set to have a fancy fan meeting in Manila on November 23 at the New Frontier Theater, and PH Jins are really excited about it!  

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While waiting for the D-Day, let’s look back to some of his iconic looks together with some of his remarkable lines from his interviews and dramas.

“I think ‘perfect man’ is an image I’ve worked hard to make.” (Sports Trends, 2018)

“I’m the type of person that gives everything I have whenever I’m acting” (Ten Asia, 2018)

Park Hae Jin


“It hurts to accept the criticism but I thank them now. Looking back at myself, I feel proud of the improvements I made in my acting skills.” (Korea Herald, 2017)


“My weakness is that I am too sensitive. Not only emotionally but also physically… allergies.” (Chongqing TV, 2016)

“I wouldn’t say I am a happy mood maker. I just want to get along with the staff.”(Chongqing TV, 2016)


“The sympathy of a woman in love is safer than a bulletproof vest, but the wrath of a woman betrayed by her love is deadlier than a time bomb.” (Man to Man, 2017)

“People leave in order to find a reason to return” (Man to Man, 2017)

“Do you want to date me?” (Cheese in the Trap, 2016)


“Why do you live your life losing  out to others? Don’t worry about others and take care of yourself first. No one’s gonna acknowledge you for your troubles.” (Cheese in the trap, 2016)

“To beat up good people is violence, but to beat up scoundrels is justice.”(Bad Guys, 2014)

“What’s so good about him? Something that wouldn’t work even though I kept trying for 15 years, why does it work for him? You haven’t known him for that long.” (My Love From the Star, 2013-2014)

“You should’ve stopped me from falling in love.”(Se-young, My Daughter, 2012-2013)

“I was happy because I had you. However, I think I can handle living without you.”(Se-young, My Daughter, 2012-2013)

Park Hae Jin CosmoBride


“I believe that the decisions I make every moment are my destiny.”(Se-young, My Daughter, 2012-2013)

Park Hae Jin


“If you want to say something, don’t delay it.”(Se-young, My Daughter, 2012-2013)

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