P1Harmony Talks About Their Goals For 2022, U.S. Promotions, And More In “DISHARMONY : FIND OUT” Comeback Showcase

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P1Harmony returns to the music scene after eight months with their third mini album DISHARMONY : FIND OUT.

P1Harmony is finally capping off the DISHARMONY trilogy with the third mini album DISHARMONY : FIND OUT. Prior to its official release on January 3 at 6 PM KST, the group held an online comeback showcase.

P1Harmony Disharmony Find Out

P1Harmony kicked off the event with the slick premiere performance of the title track “Do It Like This.” Following the intense yet fun number, the group then presented their fan-song titled “Peacemaker.”

P1Harmony Disharmony Find Out

During the talk, leader Keeho expressed his feelings about their comeback by saying, “I’m excited and nervous because it’s our first comeback in eight months. You will be able to see a variety of fresh charms.”

The group’s vocalist Theo shared, “I’m glad it’s an album we’ve prepared for a long time. We will create a stage that satisfies both the public and fans.”

Rapper and group’s youngest Jongseob firmly claimed, “Since it is a comeback that opens in the new year, I want to make 2022 the year of P1Harmony.”

P1Harmony opened the prelude to the worldview through the movie P1H: The Beginning of a New World, which was released prior to their debut.

In the metaverse worldview +WORLD, it contains the individual abilities and charm points shown in the past albums, foretelling the infinite potential.

Commencing the trilogy series, the first mini album DISHARMONY: STAND OUT addressed the problem of ‘disharmony’ through the title track “Siren.”

Furthermore, through the second mini album DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT, the group conveyed the message of courage with single “Scared” to believe in their true value and potential.

P1Harmony leads us to a new world with infinite possibilities through the third mini album DISHARMONY: FIND OUT. The album recounts the story of the flooded city (+WORLD) that appeared in the epilogue in the second mini album. It tells us to become the owner of a new world (+WORLD) and dream of infinite possibilities.

P1Harmony Disharmony Find Out

P1Harmony’s global success + U.S. promotions

The one-year-old boy band is tipped for a massive 2022, after elevating to greater international K-pop recognition―including major accolades like a nomination for “Best Rookie of the Year” at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards and being selected as a top rising K-pop group from Rolling Stone, Vogue, TIME, Billboard, Forbes, NME, Hypebae, Refinery29 and more.

P1Harmony Disharmony Find Out

P1Harmony’s main dancer Intak stated, “Through our promotions in the U.S., I realized the importance of the audience. It’s because we didn’t have a chance to perform in front of a lot of people due to the fact that we debuted during the time of COVID-19. It was an opportunity for me to grow.”

Keeho recounted his experiences by saying, “I was excited and thrilled to perform on stage. From the first song, I put all my energy into it, and the next song was difficult. I knew that distribution of stamina and strategy were necessary. I did interviews as well as on stage. My overall experience has been multiplied.”

Jiung shared fun and exciting episodes from their U.S. activities. “The eye contact with the audience was impressive. The music video for the title song was also filmed at several locations in L.A. We also have an impromptu dance match with the dance team which was a refreshing experience.”

How P1Harmony produce their music

Going on to the creative process of making the album, Theo revealed that for each album every member writes and composes lyrics. He said, “Authenticity is our team’s strength.”

Jongseob explained, “When I work on songs, I tend to get inspiration from books.” Meanwhile, Intak’s method of writing the lyrics is forming a consensus among the producing team.

Expressing their admiration towards each other, the boys of P1Harmony praises their co-members. Keeho stated, “I want to compliment Intak. I like Intak’s challenging spirit. His unique color is fresh.”

Intak, meanwhile, complimented Jongseob by saying that he has an amazing rapping skilss. Lastly, Soul speaks about Jiung. He said, “Jiung writes lyrics well and raps well. He is an extraordinary person.”

The members also imparted their goals for the year. Soul wants their song to top the music charts or take first place on a music show. Intak asserted, “We will make 2022 the year of peace and harmony. Lastly, Jiung conveyed, “I hope that many people can feel the overwhelming emotions through our album.”

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