Park Jinyoung Shared Meaningful Time With Domestic Fans At The “2023 PARK JINYOUNG FANCONCERT ‘RENDEZVOUS’ IN SEOUL”

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Park Jinyoung communicated closely with the fans who filled the seats of his 2-day fan concert marking his 10th debut anniversary.

Held on January 28 and 29, RENDEZVOUS in SEOUL is a fan concert covering 10 years of Park Jinyoung, who started as an actor and singer at the same time in 2012 with JJ Project and KBS drama Dream High 2.

Conveying his affection to fans, he opened the stage with JJ Project’s “Coming Home” and the title song of his solo album “Cotton Candy”. He greeted his fans whom he dearly missed thanking them for the decade-long support and affection he received.

Notably, the fan concert, led by Park Jinyoung without a moderator, was completed successfully for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Explaining the title he chose for the fan concert; he explained how the meaning of “rendezvous” translates to “encounter” – something that expresses a special moment with fans.

In addition, Park Jinyoung serenaded fans with Yumi’s Cells’ Season 2 OST “Shining On Your Night”. Afterwards, he became a curator of ‘Jinyoung Gallery’ to show his past 10 years from 2012 to 2022. Reminiscing his special moments from his debut as a singer to his acting projects and GOT7 activities, he spent precious time sharing adorable anecdotes and stories.

Giving support to their brother, GOT7’s JAY B, BamBam, fellow actors from the movie Christmas Carol, and director Kim Sung-soo, who has been with Park Jinyoung since her debut, watched the fan concert from the audience and added support.

Conveying his sincere affection, Jinyoung said:

“This is the best moment. If I can frame 2023, I want to include this moment that I am together with you.”

Moving forward with the fan concert, he continued singing fan favorite tracks and gave sound advice to comfort fans having difficult moments. Next, he passionately participated in the fun games prepared to further communicate with his fans.

During the quick break, the behind-the-scenes VCR devoted to choreography practice he had made the fans go wild. It caught a glimpse of his sincerity in practicing and preparing for the fans from start to finish.

Receiving enthusiastic response, he aptly lived to what fans nicknamed him “god jinyoung” as he vaunted an explosive GOT7 medley stage. He also fired up the stage by performing “Bounce” and “You Calling My Name.

Capping off the “special encounter” he sweetly prepared for his fans, he crooned to “Our Miracle” and Letter and took a group photo to capture that special moment. Then, he shed emotional tears while singing “Sleep Well”. When he reappeared for the encore stage, he left his fans with an upbeat performance of his solo track, “Dive”.

“I was really happy because I seemed to be able to share unfinished stories with friends I’ve known for a long time while spending time with my fans. I hope this time doesn’t end.” 

Following the Seoul stop of Rendezvous, Park Jinyoung prepares for his overseas tour. he is also currently filming web series, The Witch.

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