Park Bo Gum Answers Questions About His Next Dream Role, Things He Missed In Singapore & Many More

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Singapore fans enjoyed the short yet remarkable 15-minute exclusive Park Bo Gum press conference.

Park Bo Gum candidly responded to questions at the press conference of 2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour GOOD DAY in Singapore on March 8 at the Mandarin Oriental.

Clad in pastel pink suit and white shoes, the charming Encounter actor stood in front of the crowd. He looks so refreshing like a cherry blossom.


He gamely shared  his thoughts on the things he yearns for every time he comes to Singapore and the characteristics of an ideal boyfriend. Park Bo Gum also revealed the kind of boyfriend he is, the next role he wants to play and his favorite nickname.

Let us look back on the highlights of the press conference.

 What is it that you’ll miss most about Singapore after every visit?

In encounter, you played a loving boyfriend, what qualities do you think it takes to be a good boyfriend?

In reality, what kind of boyfriend you will be?

Given the choices of fans that would like to see him on his next role, which of these would you like to try next? 1. prosecutor, 2. doctor, 3. villain, 4. a character who is suffering from multiple personalities, 5. gamer

Which character will you like to take on next?

The media and your fellow celebrities have given you numerous nicknames during your career, including, heartthrob, Bogum Magic, a lot of names. Which is the most memorable for you and why?

The press conference may be short and quick, but we got to know the actor a little better with his sincere answers to the questions.

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