Fans Gathered for Running Man United The Challenge: 7-7-7 In The Philippines

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Running Man members and their fans must be proud.

Last January 28, Filipino Running Man fans gathered in San Andres Sports Complex for ‘Running Man United The Challenge: 7-7-7’. The organizers of the event prepared various games inspired by the popular South Korean variety show.

The participants were divided into 7 groups, each team named after the cast: Yoo Jaesuk (Green), Kim Jongkook (Red), Lee Kwangsoo (Black), Song Jihyo (Violet), Ji Seokjin (Orange), HaHa (Yellow) and Gary (Blue).

Opening Remarks

The program officially started when Josh Manansala, founder of Running Man United (Philippines) gave her opening remarks. She warmly welcomed the participants and thanked them for supporting the event that they prepared in honor of the Running Man Members.

“We were not expecting to have this massive response from the people but we are really happy to have more than 100 participants today.” – Joshene Manansala

Running Man

Running Man United (Philippines) Founder, Joshene Manansala, giving her opening remarks for the event.

Afterwards, teams were encouraged to showcase the chants that they have prepared and everybody seemed to have a good time.

Team Jump Rope

The first game that they revealed was the Team Jump Rope, one of the games that Running Man members usually play to build the team’s rapport.

To play the game, each team must have 17 representatives; 2 members will hold the rope while the rest of the team will jump. The group with the most members that jumped over the rope within two minutes wins.

When the scores were tallied, both Team Kwangsoo and Team Gary had a total of 6 members jumping over the rope. The staff then decided to have a tie-breaker – Team Gary won with 12 jumps.

Break #1: Viu Philippines Introduction

While the participants took a rest from the previous game, Viu Philippines’ representative, Grace De Jesus, talked about the video streaming app which originated in Hong Kong and launched in the Philippines in 2016.

She also mentioned the different shows that are mostly watched in the Philippines with Running Man Korea at the 9th place.

Running Man

PHP Perfromance

Later on, King, JP and Sejun of PHP showcased their special performance for the participants. The said group is a sub-unit of Narra, who are currently training under ShowBT Philippines. They were also the Grand Champion in the talent category during the ‘FilKor Festival’.

The boys performed the tagalog song Para sa’yo  and Bruno Mars24k Magic and Mark Ronson‘s Uptown Funk. This definitely hyped the crowd, especially the girls.

Reverse Name Tag Ripping

When the players finally settled down after the performance, the most notable game of the show was about to start.

The cast popularized the ripping of name tags and it became the show’s identity. However, instead of the original rules, Running Man United (Philippines) did it in reverse.

In the beginning, the staff announced the opponents of each team. Subsequently, each name tag of the participants had a number attached to it in their team’s corresponding color. They ousted their rivals by finding their team’s opponent name tags and attached it to the owner of the name tag with the matching number and color.

  • Kwangsoo vs Gary
  • Gary vs Seokjin
  • Seokjin vs Jungkook
  • Jungkook vs Kwangsoo
  • HaHa vs Jihyo
  • Jaesuk vs HaHa
  • Jihyo vs Jaesuk

Dodge ball

With dodge ball as the third game, the participants gathered in the middle of the court while the staff surrounded them.  The staff threw the ball towards the players and if they got hit, they were considered out. Once ousted, they were able to join the staff in throwing the ball and help out their alive team mates. Team Kwangsoo won as they were the team with the most number of members remaining inside the court.

Break #2: Dance Number

Another break was then scheduled as the games eventually started to tire out the players.

Jen, Christine, Raike, Elisha, Sushmita and Nicole are members of Sol-friend, a Filipino girl cover group of GFriend. The girls danced to Me Gustas Tu as well as Rough, which greatly entertained the boys.

Afterwards, PHP gave the participants an instant Big Bang concert when they performed the group’s famous tracks Bang Bang Bang and Fantastic Baby.

Everybody enjoyed the guest performers’ numbers as they cheered and danced together with them. They even sang along with them, especially during T.O.P.‘s rapping part.

Name Tag Ripping: Death Match

As the event comes to a close, a death match was waiting for the participants. For this game, there had to be 5 players from each team per round. The players had to protect each other and withstand other teams. The team with the most number of remaining participants after battling for 5 minutes won.

The game was, no-doubt, an intense one. Everyone was so determined to protect their name tags that even their shirts got ripped while playing. However, despite the aggressive attacks from some players, they still managed to enjoy every bit of the game.

When all the players had already experienced what it was like to be a Running Man player, teams with winners from previous rounds were asked to choose two representatives from each team. These representatives went against the staff of Running Man United. It was absolutely an event to remember.

When the program ended, it was seen in the participants’ faces that they got tired from all the games. Nonetheless, it was also seen how much they had enjoyed the event despite the pain they just experienced. This is something similar to the Running Man members’ attitude: no matter how hard it is, they will continue running.

More photos taken during the event:

Photos and event coverage by Darla [email protected]

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