Running Man United To Host The Biggest ‘Name Tag Ripping’ Event In The Philippines

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Filipino Running Man fans, are you ready for this?

‘Running Man’ is a popular South Korean variety show which started airing in July 2010. Over the years, the show has gained a lot of loyal fans both locally and internationally. However, due to its recent controversies, the show will end early this year.

Nonetheless, this does not stop the fans to continue the show’s legacy of name tag ripping game. Since the show’s early days, name tag ripping was its staple mission and eventually became its trademark.

Running Man United organizes events with games that are derived from the television show. Furthermore, it already hosted six successful name tag ripping events in the Philippines. Due to the favorable responses and overwhelming support from Filipino fans, Running Man United will host another name tag ripping event this month.


Running Man


Running Man United The Challenge: 7-7-7 will take place this coming January 28 at Luneta Park, Manila from 11 AM to 6 PM. Participants must register as early as they can. Moreover, signed waiver forms are required upon registration.


For more information and updates, check out Running Man United’s official Facebook page.


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