Seo Kang Jun Readies To Sweetly Surprise Philippine Fans With His Talents & Charms

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Seo Kang Jun is a man of many talents.

Although Seo Kang Jun is known to be an actor primarily, he is also part of the actor group, 5urprise. Designed to promote as actors and performers, their songs are great to play when you want to start the day off with a great mood. Add in the members’ awesome visuals, watching their MVs truly captivates.

Apart from acting and singing, Seo Kang Jun has also shown his charms in a number of variety shows. Read on as we list the actor-singer’s many talents highlighting his versatility.

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Seo Kang Jun

Sweet Singer

Together with fellow 5urprise members, Seo Kang Jun has gifted fans with bop songs perfect to groove in and sweet-toned music that listeners can get inspired with.

From My Heart

This ode to unrequited love is something most of us can relate to. The lines “What I have to do for you now is hang in there until the day I die” speaks strongly to those who refuse to give up hope. Although the lyrics are a bit sad, the song has an upbeat tempo and has definite boy band feels.

In the video, the members of 5urprise sweetly try to do everything they can to make the girl happy. Reminding us of the efforts we also make to see our loved ones happy. The video is entertaining as well as the song being catchy.


Released in 2015, “Flight” was 5urprise’s first single in Japan for their debut. Extremely upbeat and brimming with positive vibes, 5urprise attracted many fans with their amazing vocal chords and charming music video.

Shake It Up

Relying on a more simple concept this time, the music video focuses on the members of the boy band. Sans story line, the boys simply charm the viewers with sincere eyes and sultry voices. Like the first song, “Shake It Up” is upbeat but a bit faster than “From My Heart”. With a heart that is bursting to confess, “Shake It Up” is the perfect anthem for anyone who just wants to shout to the world that you’re in love!

Variety Show Star

Watching variety shows is a great way for fans to get to know their idols more. They’re a lot more candid on variety shows and usually that’s when we get to see their personalities. One fan favorite is Seo Kang Jun. Although he’s billed to attract with his beautiful face, his presence in entertainment shows presents just how smart he is, and charming too!

Radio Star

In 2014, he guested on Radio Star. Seo showed off his amazing fitness abilities and even flashed his abs. Girls in the audience were floored by how fit he was.

The Return of Superman

Seo with three adorable children was a sight to behold. That’s why his visit in The Return of Superman to take care of Lee Dong Gook’s youngest children was a fun watch. He was amazing with the kids and he did such a good job being patient with them. Seo Kang Jun played the piano for the kids, which kept them enthralled. Even with Tae Oh’s help, they kept the children well-behaved, well-fed, and entertained. He also did some magic tricks, and yes, even changed diapers.

I Live Alone

Seo Kang Jun, who is a great friend to comedienne Lee Guk Joo, had a quick stint I Live Alone, in which he met up with old friend Lee Guk Joo for a coffee date. Kang Jun was adorable when he told his friend that he had to ask his mom for permission first. He cutely added that his mom told him to beware of women, alcohol and gambling. And even though the dumpling wrap was a bit under-cooked, he still ate it with gusto. Kang Jun is definitely a loyal friend!

The Last Charm: Seo Kang Jun in Manila

Seo Kang Jun is coming to Manila to make his Filipino fans swoon with his sweet charms! You can witness Kang Jun’s bright and cheerful smile live on May 25. Tickets are now available online.

Seo Kang Jun

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