SEVENTEEN Dedicates Splendid Stages To Filipino Carats In Return With “Ode To You” In Manila

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There is no better “hit sound” than the loud cheers of Filipino Carats for SEVENTEEN as they returned to Manila for one splendid night!

SEVENTEEN rocked the worlds of their Filipino fans on February 8 as they endowed a wonderful night full of new beautiful memories with them through the Manila stop of their Ode To You World Tour!

seventeen ode to you manila

Just as their latest world tour title implies, SEVENTEEN returned to Manila after over a year since they shared a sparkling night with Filipino Carats through their Ideal Cut concert in 2018. It was an offering made entirely to show how much the group loves their fans. They also wish to express how thankful they are for their never-ending support.

Opening the concert with a chillingly intense intro, the group made the Mall of Asia Arena roar with excited screams for their powerful performance of “Getting Closer”. As if the power they radiated was not enough, they turned up the intensity even more with the remix stages of “Rock” and “Clap”.

Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino then gave their warmest greetings to their Filipino fans by beaming with their biggest smiles while shouting “Say the name, SEVENTEEN!” – hyping everyone up more for the incredibly fun night they had prepared.

Although a bit early in to the show, the group already delivered their resounding message to fans by showcasing a heartfelt performance of “Thanks”. Filipino Carats also got to witness the incredible synchronization of SEVENTEEN for “Don’t Wanna Cry” as they swept everyone away before their unit stage VCRs began.


Unparalleled Unit Stages

The group then split up into their ever-famous units for a highlight of their best talents – starting with Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon representing the hip-hop unit (we miss you, S. Coups!) with their sizzling performances of “Trauma” and “Chilli” which may or may not have left a lot of fans bias wrecked.

Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino also blessed everyone with their explosive stages of “Lilli Yabbay” and “Shhh” as SEVENTEEN’s performance unit. Their showcase proved their A+ skills in dancing with the solid choreography that they are known and loved for.

Calming everyone down with their angelic voices after such energetic performances, the vocal unit, composed of Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan then serenaded everyone with heartfelt and emotional live renditions of “Hug” and “Don’t Listen”.

Making an appearance afterwards was the track “Can’t See The End” from SEVENTEEN’S first album [FIRST ‘LOVE&LETTER’], which Wonwoo, DK, Mingyu, and Vernon performed – also in honour of leader S. Coups who was also originally part of the special unit song.

Carats then took the helm for “Smile Flower”, which they dearly sang as a duet with SEVENTEEN and became another avenue for the Filipino fans to show just how much they love the group.


Nostalgic SVT Museum

A beautiful throwback to some of the group’s iconic hits and fans’ all-time favourites ensued after – with the boys taking everyone to the “SVT Museum”. Standing and playing along in the very bright, colourful, and adorable set, the group endowed fans with energetic performances of “Adore U”, “Pretty U”, “Oh My!”, and “Just Do It”.

Driving everyone into a frenzy afterwards, SEVENTEEN whipped out two of their latest tracks – “Good To Me” and “Happy Ending” – which elicited cheers from the crowd as intense as the vocals, rap, and choreography in the performances themselves.

After a quick ment where they mentioned how “the passion in Manila is insane” with so much love, the group made everyone shiver once more with their hair-raising performance of their latest track “Fear”.


Sweet Closing Ments

Returning for the encore stage, SEVENTEEN made everyone’s hearts flutter with the soft and lovable performance they prepared for the song “9-TEEN”, a track they originally released as OST for the second season of the hit web drama A-TEEN.

“We had so much fun today. We know it’s been a long time since the last time we came, and probably you guys missed us a lot and waited for us a lot. I just want to tell you that we’re so happy to be back, to see you guys face-to-face, and we really appreciate all the love you have given us, and we hope we can come back again to see you guys. Thank you all so much for tonight. Mahal ko kayo!” Joshua told everyone.


“Ey yo Manila! I love you so much! I know it’s been a while since we’ve been here but thank you guys for welcoming us with so much love. The next time we’re gonna be here again, let’s have more fun! Even if we’re far from each other, our hearts will still be together,” Hoshi also said.

“Thank you to all the Manila Carats who came here tonight! Now that we’re here again, we remember so much about our previous time in the Philippines, so when we came here, we ate Pata. When we ate it here last time, I couldn’t forget it, it was so delicious. So when you guys get back home, I hope you get to eat Pata,” Jun adorably shared as well.


After making everyone almost faint with his dapper look wearing shades, Jeonghan also said that watching Carats have fun makes him happy. Following this, both the fans and the group banded together to wish SEVENTEEN’s youngest member Dino a happy, happy birthday.

“Salamat po, salamat po! After my debut, I don’t think there was a birthday that I never spent with my parents. I receive so much love, and now that you guys are wishing me happy birthday, I feel so happy,” the SEVENTEEN maknae gushed, adding in a promise of returning to Manila to see everyone again.

“I think after debuting, Manila is one of the places we constantly came to, and every time we are here, we’re always touched by you guys. And I think tonight was the most touching moment of all. It also rained, so I know it must have been hard but thank you guys for coming here. All throughout the concert, I saw you guys weren’t getting tired and had so much energy so thank you so much. I think tonight, we were able to receive more from you guys,” Seungkwan said lastly. He also promised the same thing as Dino and asked fans to look forward to SEVENTEEN’s activities this 2020.


Encore Performances

During their ment, the boys also surprised everyone by giving a unique performance that only Manila has witnessed so far. When their song “Snap Shoot” was played in the background, Filipino Carats started singing along to it loudly.  Their love for the song didn’t escape the boys who also decided to sing along with them despite the song not being part of the setlist in any Ode To You shows – all the while dancing their hearts out to match their fans’ enthusiasm.

Afterwards, the group stormed the stage with a fun performance of “HIT”, another one of their newest songs.

Lastly, a SEVENTEEN concert is not a SEVENTEEN concert if it does not conclude with a never-ending performance of “Aju Nice”. Showing the boys’ unfaltering high energies which matched those of Carats, who kept on jumping and cheering from start to finish, the iconic stage lived up to its name and gave a “very nice” wrap-up to the beautiful night that SEVENTEEN and Filipino Carats spent with each other once again.


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Event covered by Yann Magcamit and Khriz Virgilio