Here’s What You Missed During The 3rd N.Flying “LAN-通-LIVE” Online Busking Session

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The last online busking session from N.Flying for the LAN-通-LIVE trilogy has ended—and we might just miss these jamming fests a bit too much.

N.Flying has wrapped up their LAN-通-LIVE online busking sessions with its third edition last June 5—and the marvelous performances from it is making it hard to say goodbye to this precious live jamming series.

If you’re wondering what you missed during the last LAN-通-LIVE session—or just want to look back on the great night, here are some of the highlights we’ve noted for you.


Spectacular stages

The band opened the last session with a breathtaking performance of their 2018 hit “Lovefool”, which they also performed on their first LAN-通-LIVE broadcast. Of course, the roulette of challenges—or penalties—was also present yet again.

N.Flying then followed it up with “Don’t Mess With Me”, and they also serenaded fans with one of their drama OSTs—which is “Let Me Show You” for the 2018 rom-com Familiar Wife.

“How R U Today” then soothed N.Fias’ ears and almost made them feel like they were in an actual concert hall.

Our all-time favourite track “Hot Potato” also made it to the setlist and had us bopping along to its energetic beat while watching the broadcast from our screens.

Following it up was another upbeat number from the quintet through “Don’t Forget This”. Just like “Hot Potato”, it is a well-loved song from their third mini-album THE HOTTEST: N.FLYING in 2018.


Returning for an encore, the band treated fans to a quick spoiler performance of their upcoming comeback track “Oh really.” which made us all anticipate its release even more. Set to be released on June 10 at 6 PM KST, “Oh, really.” headlines N.Flying’s seventh mini-album titled So, 通.

The sneak peek of “Oh really.” which they gave out was also the part which they performed in their “N.Thing Playlist” teaser. Aside from its lead track, Hun also strummed a note from another track from So, 通 titled “Flower Fantasy” to serve as a spoiler during the broadcast.

Finally, the soothing rhythm of “Let Me Show You” concluded the broadcast, leaving a smile on N.Fias’ faces as they listened to Seung Hyub and Hwe Seung’s soulful voices until the end.

Aside from their songs, N.Flying also grabbed fans’ attention with an impromptu performance of the nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the middle of the broadcast. Serving as one of our personal favourite highlights from the third busking session, this moment proved the impressive chemistry of the band.

Another one was the impromptu rapping of Jae Hyun, who continued a verse after Seung Hyub and received enthusiastic cheers from his bandmates.

Overall, the LAN-通-LIVE online busking series has been a splendid treat for N.Fias all around the world—and we’re looking forward to seeing more of N.Flying’s performances both online and offline soon!

Photos from FNC

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