TikTok To Light Up The Stage With Hiphopplaya Concert

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After announcing its K-pop concert, TikTok Stage has now revealed its K-Hip Hop concert TikTok Stage with Hiphopplaya!

The concert will be part of Tiktok Stage’s Smile Project #smilewithTikTok that will cater to ensuring a unique virtual experience for fans.

The event will also enable viewers to make donations for COVID19 relief funds. The donations will be made from the accumulated amount of 0.5 $ per viewer.

For this concert, TikTok Stage collaborated with Hiphopplaya who has been performing hip-hop concerts for over 20 years in Korea.

The lineup of TikTok Stage with Hiphopplaya is fiery to say the least! The event will be including 22 immensely talented performers.

The stunning roster includes artists Epik High, Jesse, Jay Park and E Sens. Additionally, Zico, Giriboy, Crush, Heize and Changmo are sure to hype up the energy of the concert.

Further, Dean, Sik-K, Bobby, SuperBee, MISO, KidMilli, pH-1 and Uneducated Kid will up the show’s cool quotient. While ASH ISLAND, Yuzion, TABBER, TWLV and ALL READY will add zest to the event with their performances. 

The event will be emceed by actors Park Jae Min and Kim Yun Ji, who will communicate with global viewers through the concert.

TikTok Stage with Hiphopplaya will available to stream live at 8:00 PM on May 27 and will take place on the tiktok account (@tiktok_stage). If you follow the account in advance, you will be notified of the same prior to the commencement of the event.

Source: Xports News

Images Credit To: TikTok