TREASURE Gifts Explosive Performances At Back-To-Back Japan Leg Of “HELLO” Asia Tour

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Kicking off their scheduled Asia Tour, TREASURE fascinated their Japanese fans.

The group held the 2023 TREASURE TOUR “HELLO” at KYOCERA DOME in Osaka for two days on January 28 and 29. TREASURE attracted a total of close to 300,000 spectators through this tour.

This corresponds to the largest number of visitors among K-pop artists who went on tour in Japan for the first time after their debut. Local Japanese media also paid attention to TREASURE’s meaningful record-breaking march.

Notably, the press conference held ahead of the finale performance was attended by Japan’s six major sports magazines and other major media outlets, realizing the height of attention for the coverage.

Correspondingly, showing off amplified performances, as soon as the show started, the fans all stood up from their seats and greeted TREASURE with raving cheers. In response to this, the members decorated a strong opening with “JIKJIN”, major hits such as “BOY”, “I LOVE YOU” and “HELLO” that swept the top spots in various local music charts in Japan.

Along with colorful unit stages, the 3-hour concert also featured covers of popular hits from senior YG artists.

After two successful solo concerts in Korea last year, TREASURE continues to tour Japan and is showing its full potential. They powerfully moved around the stage, radiating overflowing energy, and showed more complete performances and live skills, realizing their growth as one of YG’s talented performance artists.

Strikingly, the stage directing utilizing YG entertainment’s superb and meticulous planning fortified and brought awe-inspiring performances from TREASURE. The VCR video boasted the same quality as a movie, and the 7 super-large LED screens increased the level of immersion in the performance.

Moreover, the jewel-shaped lighting set embodying Treasure’s identity highlighted various special effects such as laser, gunpowder, and fog. Live band sessions, and talented dancers, accompanying the performances of TREASURE satisfied the fans with an overwhelming scale and detailed production.

TREASURE, who finished their first arena tour after their debut and even held a dome concert, shed tears they had been holding back.

Asahi, a member from Osaka, cried, “When I was in elementary school, I grew up dreaming of becoming a singer while watching YG seniors’ performances here. I’m so thrilled that I’m standing in such a meaningful and wonderful place that cannot be expressed in words.

The other members also encouraged each other and conveyed their sincerity to everyone who was with them on this tour. They said, “We always thank and love the many people who are sweating in invisible places, the YG family, and general producer Yang Hyun-suk, who created Treasure. We will work hard.”

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Photos: YG Entertainment