WJSN Shows Fresh & Lively Charms In “AS WE WISH” Online Concert

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WJSN successfully wrapped up their dreamy and energy filled online concert AS WE WISH!

Girl group WJSN held their online concert AS WE WISH on October 24 at 9 PM KST. They delivered their bright energy to the fans and created a memorable experience with them.

wjsn as we wish

On the day of the show, the group made a cheerful start with their first formed unit CHOCOME, and their debut single and title song of the same name “HMPH!”. After that, the group showed a VCR video that portrayed the members’ overflowing beagle charms.

Also, the girls performed splendidly during their opening stage. They presented “Butterfly”, the title track from their last mini-album Neverland, as well as “Boogie Up”, the main number from the special album For The Summer.

The group gave off a lovely energy while greeting their fandom Ujung, who were watching the concert from their homes. Following, the idols delivered another great set of performances with “Where You Are” and “You, You, You”.

The girls also talked about the recent status of the members, who are active through dramas, movies and unit activities.

Following up with “Cantabile”, the artists performed for the first time their non-title track from WJ PLEASE?, “Hurry Up”. They showed off another excellent stage through “You Got” and “As You Wish”.

In addition, the idols filled the online live concert to the fullest, with “Dreams Come True”, “Luckitty-cat”, “Miracle”, “Secret” and “Our Garden”.

wjsn as we wish

Just like the title of the show AS WE WISH, the girls talked about how they want to meet their fans as a wish they hope to achieve in the rest of the year. They unveiled their incredible love for their fandom and another lively stage through “Happy”.

At the end, the members expressed their gratitude towards Ujung for making the concert possible. They added how they look forward to seeing each other soon. For their encore, the artists sang the special song ” Ujung” and formed new memories with the fans.

WJSN, who successfully wrapped up the online Live, said through their agency Starship Entertainment, “After finishing promotions for Neverland‘s title track “Butterfly”, we were really happy to meet our fans after a long time. We would like to once again thank Ujung for their constant support and love for WJSN. We hope the next time we can meet in person.”

Meanwhile, WJSN gradually expanded their activities by appearing in various movies and dramas. They also recently debuted their first unit, with four members called CHOCOME.

wjsn as we wish

PR Source and Image credit: Starship Entertainment