WJSN Invites You To Their Online Concert “AS WE WISH” This October

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WJSN will create special memories with fans during their online concert this October!

Renowned girl group WJSN has announced to hold their own online concert in the second half of October. Mark your dates for this must-see event!

WJSN online concert

The title of the Live AS WE WISH is modified from the group’s album AS YOU WISH, which was released in 2019. In particular, the title song of that album, “As You Wish”, holds a hopeful message, something that WJSN is aiming to bring to their fans through this online concert.

In conjunction to the event, the girl group’s agency Starship Entertainment had also released the official poster. The members are seen dressed in beautiful white dresses, attracting attention with their innocent looks. They create a dreamy atmosphere while giving mysterious looks to the front.

Along with the poster, the group also revealed a video, advertising the upcoming Live. The background for the clip were scenes from WJSN’s song “BUTTERFLY”, which was released in their last album Neverland.

The group will be making unforgettable memories’ with their fans all over the world. Also, the girls plan to unveil a new stage that has not been seen until now, as well as showing bright and rich energy, in which the members’ charms can be felt.

After the release of Neverland, WJSN’s popularity rose even more, as they set new personal records. They won two music show awards and impressively appeared on the Billboard chart with their title song. The public’s attention is currently focused on what the group will bring for their solo show.

Meanwhile, WJSN will communicate with fans through their online concert AS WE WISH on October 24 at 9 PM KST. The Live show will be available on Olleh TV and Seezn.

PR Source and Image credit: Starship Entertainment