Wonho Announces Comeback Plans & More In His First Online Concert “WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU”

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Wonho held his first online concert and revealed exciting performances and announcements! 

Wonho held his first solo concert titled, WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU, through the global streaming platform LiveXLive on September 27.

The singer opened the stage with a warm and welcoming performance of his lilting track “I just”. Before setting the event in motion, Wonho admitted, “I am very nervous and also excited so much so that I couldn’t think about anything else. I have a lot of fun stages prepared, so I hope you enjoy the show.”


Wonho expressed gratitude for his successful solo debut. He stated, “I had a really unforgettable time in the past two weeks.” Next, during an interesting interactive segment called “W-Log”, he communicated with fans and answered questions based on various keywords such as hobbies, Wonho’s day etc. 

The multitalented musician made the first exciting revelation, and said, “I plan to open a new personal channel after the concert is over. I have some fun contents that will give you a glimpse into my daily life. I’m going to try everything others do, such as Vlogs and Mukbangs. Of course, the cooking show is ready.” Wonho asserted that he plans to share various aspects of himself through his personal channel.

Further into the concert, Wonho ‘cooked’ up quite a storm as he unveiled a VCR called “Cooking King Wonho’s Home Restaurant”. He also charmed fans with his sincerity as he answered questions which he received from global fans. During one of the questions, the soloist won hearts as he declared that Wenee is his sky. He explained that he doesn’t see the sky often, but when he does, he wants to keep looking at it.


Wonho truly proved his competence as an all round artist in the captivating concert. Among the other performances, the singer made fans swoon to his suave version of Justin Bieber’s “INTENTIONS”. He also sweetly serenaded fans with a cover of Billie Eilish’s “I LOVE YOU”. Moreover, the vocalist was the epitome of charisma as he unveiled a smooth performance of “Interlude: Runway”. He also revealed a riveting stage of the English version of his album’s title song “Open Mind”.

 “It’s too bad the moments so far have been so short. I was so happy to be able to perform on this stage and meet Wenee like this. I still have a lot more to show you,” Wonho said as he expressed regret for the show coming to an end. 

Wonho went on to then perform his encore songs “Losing You” and “Lost In Paradise”. Post the heart-shaking performances, the singer shared, “Thank you for being with me. I think I had a lot of worries because it has become very difficult to meet face to face. I thought about ways how I could feel close [with the fans] and share my feelings and story and that’s how I naturally prepared for this stage.”


He then expressed his gratitude towards his fans and continued, “Thank you for being here together today. It’s meaningful that being in different places, we shared stories and we made memories at the same time”, adding “I was worried a lot about whether I did well while preparing for this first solo concert and whether Wenee would like it”.

In a heartfelt gesture Wonho said, “I want to make a promise that I will only give you happiness in my time with you Wenee.”

Meanwhile, the “Open Mind” singer also mentioned plans for future activities during this concert. Wonho amplified fans’ excitements by announcing, “I have finished preparing for the next album. I think I’ll be able to return to Wenee again soon”.

Moreover, Wonho’s next album may seemingly include a new song “Flash” which he introduced at the concert. The beautiful track spotlighted the singer’s pristine falsettos and soothing vocals as well as his stunning rapping skills!


Highline Entertainment also stated that Wonho is indeed preparing to make a comeback within the year. Further details of the comeback are under wraps at the time of writing. 

Source: Hankook Ilbo

Images Credit To: HIGHLINE Entertainment