10 Reasons Why One K Global Peace Concert “Shookt” Manila

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One K Global Peace Concert definitely got Manila “shookt”!

The One K Global Peace Concert in Manila held last March 2 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena is no other concert. It was a night of unity, stellar performances, unforgettable memories and advocacy rolled into one.

And it is not surprising that even days after the concert, K-Pop fans are still having lingering memories of the night and also “post-concert depression”.

Hellokpop feels you, K-Pop fans. The feels are so strong and we chose not to let go. So, read on and journey back with us to the concert that left us wanting for more as we list down 10 reasons why One K Global Peace Concert “shookt” Manila.

Reason #1: The best, absolute, perfect dance break of B.A.P

Korean boy group B.A.P is truly living by its name, as they opened the show with nothing but the best, absolute and perfect stages of their hit songs Skydive, One Shot and No Mercy.

one k global peace concert bap group

B.A.P sans leader Yongguk set the standard for the night’s performances with their slick choreography matched with powerhouse vocals and rap.

Although it was difficult to specifically pinpoint one best part, Jongup‘s dance break during No Mercy was a definite stand out in B.A.P’s stages. There was no questioning that this charismatic lad is the group’s main dancer.


one k global peace concert bap

Reason #2: B1A4’s sprout dance that never gets old

The five men of B1A4 have done various choreography since their debut in April 2011. But Beautiful Target‘s “sprout dance” will always be a gem in the world of K-Pop especially if you see Sandeul‘s expression while doing it. Our lips automatically curved into the widest smile along with thousands of fans gathered in the arena as we witnessed it unfold on stage.

one k global peace concert b1a4 sprout dance

B1A4 also delivered their greatest hits such as What’s Happening? and Baby Good Night. The upbeat tracks pumped up the crowd’s energy further while the members made sure to reach all sides of the stage for the fans.

And even though it was a bit saddening that their most recent track A Lie did not make it to the set list, the members made up for it with aegyo during the talk portion. And yes, we are sharing this treasure with you.

one k global peace concert b1a4 aegyo

Reason #3: AOA serving the best aegyo

One thing is for sure, K-Pop idols are killing us with aegyo. After B1A4’s aegyo, the lovely ladies of AOA are next to showcase their cute expressions of the night. The Ace of Angels aced their talk portion with each member showing off her best cute expression. The girls also took time to communicate with their fans during this portion.

one k global peace concert aoa jimin aegyo

Aside from this, the only girl group in the concert’s line up heated up the arena with nothing short of hot performances of Mini Skirt, Excuse Me and Heart Attack.

AOA member Seolhyun also greeted the crowd as the concert’s MC alongside SHINee‘s Minho.

one k global peace concert MCs Minho and Seolhyun

Reason #4: Sung Jae’s “Magkita ta ugma” and Eunkwang’s epic expressions

One of the things fans look forward to in concerts is idols’ speaking the country’s local language. Words such as “Mahal kita“, “Salamat” and “Mabuhay” are staples fans in the Philippines always hear during concerts and One K Global Peace Concert was no exception.

However, BTOB‘s Sung Jae stepped up his local language game by delivering a Visayan phrase, “Magkita ta ugma” (Let’s see each other tomorrow).”

Aside from Sung Jae’s unexpected Visayan, Eunkwang also stole the night with his epic expressions (and addictive laughter) during BTOB’s talk portion.  We definitely love the leader’s mixture of shock, happiness and proud expression when he heard the loud cheers of the audience for member Sung Jae. BTOB also took effort in introducing themselves in English for the fans (and Min Hyuk was so adorable doing it).

The septet also did not let the energy die down in the arena with their performances of I’ll Be Your Man, Beep Beep and Wow.


one k global peace concert btob

Reason #5: King of fan service is spelled as Jung Yong Hwa

If we were to give out awards for One K Global Peace Concert, CNBLUE‘s front man and leader Jung Yong Hwa will undoubtedly win the “Best Fan Service” award. Please raise your hand if you were one of the audience who almost had a heart attack because of Yong Hwa’s flying kisses while directly looking in some fans’ eyes.

His fan service did not stop there. Yong Hwa turned on his cheesiness with lines like “Manila, you are so sweet like vanilla”. The leader of CNBLUE also led his fellow singers during the finale to move forward towards the fans. We are also giving Yong Hwa plus points for the incredible high note and dance moves.

But of course, it is not CNBLUE without the superb performances and jaw-dropping harmony of Jung Shin‘s bass, Jong Hyun‘s guitar and vocals, Min Hyuk‘s drums, and Yong Hwa’s piano and vocals. The four-member band performed their hit songs Can’t Stop, You’re So Fine and Cinderella.

one k global peace concert cnblue

Reason #6: #5HINeeinPH

one k global peace concert shinee ot5

There is no further words needed. It was an OT5 for SHINee in One K Global Peace Concert.

One of the most anticipated acts of the night, the five-member group exceeded all expectations as they bring to the table applause-worthy performances of their songs View, Everybody, 1 of 1 and An Encore.

one k global peace concert shinee

Although the group has previously visited the Philippines, it was the first time that SHINee graced the archipelago as five. Member Minho was unable to attend the previous schedule due to a conflict with his drama filming. So it was no wonder that the group’s Shawols did not let the opportunity past without relaying their love for the quintet.

PH Shawols prepared a fan project to commemorate the #5HINeeinPH. Aside from donning the fan chants to the group’s songs, they raised banners with heartwarming words, “SHINee, you are worth the wait.” And all these efforts were not wasted, as SHINee noticed the project, bowed to the fans and thanked them.

one k global peace concert shawol project


Reason #7: PSY shaking the arena with Gangnam Style

Whether you are a Baby, Bana, Elvis, Melody, Boice or Shawol, admit it, you jammed along to PSY‘s hit songs like Gentleman, Napal Balji, Daddy and got a bit emotional with his song Father while thinking of your own father.

one k global peace concert psy

It was no doubt that the global super star is a every bit of a performer as he gave 101 percent of his performance level to the crowd. And the best part of it all, PSY performed the song that introduced him to worldwide stardom, Gangnam Style. Despite the clock ticking late at night, the crowd did not seize to showcase their energy as they jumped along and sang the song with the singer.

one k global peace concert psy oppa gangnam style

Reason #8: Bringing out the Boys Over Flower feels

There has been a lot of Korean dramas that swarmed Philippines. With the advent of technology, access to these shows is much easier. But back in 2009, a phenomenal drama swept the nation when it aired on a local TV network – ‘Boys Over Flowers (BOF)’. The success of the show in the country brought its lead stars like Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum to sign advertisement deals with local brands.

And One K Global Peace Concert took fans back to 2009 with B.A.P’s Daehyun and Youngjae performing the well-known official sound track (OST) of the drama, Paradise originally by T-Max.

one k global peace concert daehyun youngjae

Aside from BOF’s theme song, the special stage prepared to honor Korean dramas’ contribution to Hallyu saw AOA’s Choa singing You Are My Everything from ‘Descendants of the Sun. B1A4’s Sandeul also performed Swallowing My Heart, his OST from ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds‘.

one k global peace concert sandeul

Reason #9: BTOB’s Hyunshik and Eunkwang’s rendition of Anak

If Sung Jae took his local language game up another level, his fellow BTOB members topped all special stages with their rendition of one of the most popular Filipino songs of all time. Eunkwang and Hyunsik wowed the crowd with their special stage of Anak by Freddie Aguilar.

Their amazing vocals was a perfect harmony to the sound of the guitar played by Filipino actor and COO of Philippine Tourism Board Cesar Montano. The duo’s on-point pronunciation of Filipino words left the crowd impressed.

Aside from Eunkwang and Hyunsik, AOA’s Yuna also performed I Believe, an OST from ‘My Sassy Girl‘ and which has its Filipino counterpart. During her special stage, fans sang along but instead of the Korean lyrics, they used the Filipino version.

one k global peace concert yuna i believe special stage


Reason #10: All for an advocacy

One K Global Peace Concert is not simply a concert where artists perform and fans cheer. More than the stunning line up the event laid down, the concert is part of a greater advocacy – the One K Global campaign.

It aims to promote the dream of a world peace that guarantees human rights and prosperity of all people. The campaign also seeks to push forward a “one Korea”, ending the conflict that makes the Korean peninsula the last divided nation in the world.

one k global peace concert opening

With this goal, the One K Global campaign collaborated with award-winning songwriters Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam to produce a global peace song inspired by the 1985 We are the World recording by US artists.

The global peace song was performed by the idols as the One K Global Peace Concert finale song. The concert line up gathered together on stage with the song’s producer as confetti filled the air of the arena, signalling the end of the concert.

But before leaving the stage, all performers moved closer and bowed to fans.

one k global peace concert singin finale

It is surreal, we know. It may be unbelievable but all these things happened in one single night. So, if you are having “post-concert depression” because of One K Global Peace Concert, always remember that you are not alone. It was, after all, a concert that “shookt” Manila.

‘One K Global Peace Concert in Manila’ was brought to fans by KBS Media and ONE K Global Campaign Organizing committee, in partnership with All Access Productions.

Hellokpop would like to thank All Access Productions for the invitation to the show.

Event coverage and photos by Paulene Arellano for Hellokpop.

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