Actress Jo Yeo Jeong Chooses BIGBANG and LeeSSang as Favourites

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In an interview released by ONE HD, actress Jo Yeo Jeong, best known for her roles in period films like The Servant and The Concubine, talked about her character in SBS’ Divorce Lawyer in Love, her favorite bands and  future undertakings.

Let’s find out more about Jo Yeo Jeong’s experience in acting below!

Divorce Lawyer in Love’ is a romance drama that comes together when a lawyer and her manager switch positions. Do you think both of the characters would still fall in love if this happens in a real life situation?

Go Cheok Hee’s behavior changes and she thinks big after becoming a lawyer manager. Unlike her, So Jung Woo always keeps his humanism even though he becomes the manager.  This drama is about someone who is loved by someone, they can love somebody and become a man. I think that can come true in reality.

Image credit: hancinema.net

Image credit: hancinema.net

Tell us why So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) addressed Go Cheok Hee as the horror movie character ‘Chucky’ in ‘Divorce Lawyer Fall in Love’.

Go Cheok Hee pats a chucky doll for inspiration and she even enjoys that nickname. Her staff are afraid of her for real.

Please share with us a reason why audiences should watch ‘Divorce Lawyer Fall in Love’.

I think this drama is a humanism melodrama. It has a heart-warming story and it is because of Go Cheok Hee’s change. I want to recommend this drama because you can watch how she loves So Jung Woo. For the most, Go Cheok Hee and So Jung Woo had a great chemistry.

What did you learn from your character in ‘Divorce Lawyer Fall in Love’, Go Cheok Hee?

She is a divorce lawyer so there are many divorce cases in each episode. These episodes are based on real cases. These cases are more dramatic than this drama. I was amazed when I was acting. Because I am old enough to understand this, I thought “Oh this story can be real”. I think it is hard for a man and a woman to be in love and keep their marriage.


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You starred as the ambitious Joseon woman of low caste in the erotic period drama The Servant. There were inappropriate scenes in the movie. What made you to take on the role?

It is a bold career move for an actress – I either make it or break it. And I will never know if I never try, so I took a deep breath and said yes. The truth is, I never had the courage, I took it with pride and dealt with it. I did not want to look back 10 years later and regret not taking up the opportunity.

Korean pop’s popularity continues to grow worldwide, do you have any favourite K-pop group?

I know there are many good K-pop groups but I like BIGBANG and LeeSSang.

What do you usually enjoy doing during your free time?

I think you already expected me (to say this), I usually exercise and read books that I have not read before.

We read from an article that you would like to be an adventurous actress. What character would you like to try out in the future?

Adventurous actress… I think I said I wanted to become an actress who does not stop and challenges many emotions. I do not just want to act a type of character. I think there are many characters I can carry. Because I did one character well, I do not want to stay like that, I would like to have more challenges. I know this is hard work. But if I take over this work, I can be satisfied. I think only actors can experience this feeling.

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