The Day When B.A.P Shook London ‘Awake’

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What a tremendous blast it was with B.A.P in London!


B.A.P visited London on May 13 at the Coronet. Even before appearing on stage, UK Babyz were excited to see the boys, chanting “B.A.P, B.A.P” on repeat.

Finally, after letting the fans wait for what seemed like ages, the boys appeared on the stage. B.A.P started off the show with the performance of Warrior, What The Hell, as well as a mashup of No Mercy and We Will Rock You.

Next, Himchan wowed the fans with his solo performance of S.N.S, and Zelo amazed the crowd with his dance break during the performance of SPY.

B.A.P also performed songs Be Happy, Feel So Good, and Carnival from their latest album. Following this, it was Youngjae‘s time to shine with a solo cover of Slow Motion by Tray Songz.


Right after, B.A.P performed a dance version of Hurricane, Badman, Dancing In The Rain, Bang X2 and Angel. Up next, Jongup stunned the fans with his solo performance of Now.

B.A.P’s show was not just fun, but also very deep, showing a video clip about war, dating all the wars that happened from 1914-2016, followed by a power packed performance of One Shot and Kingdom (Korean version).

Before the final performance, B.A.P thanked the fans in English. Youngjae stated, “The Most important thing is that we are happy here because we can be here with you.”

Jongup added, “Yes, we wouldn’t be here without you”, and Zelo stated “We will be back again to be with you”. With this last speech, B.A.P performed With You, which the fans sang along.

Finally, it was encore time, which consisted of songs Young, Wild & Free, Excuse Me and Bang X2. During the final performance of Bang X2, the energy of the fans escalated further as members Zelo, Daehyun and Bang Yong Guk came off the stage to the fans. To excite fans even more, Yong Guk took off his shirt, as well as waved the UK flag around.



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