BEHIND THE MUSIC: Breaking Boundaries with X:IN – A Journey of Unity and Talent

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Step into the captivating world of X:IN, where music transcends borders and talent knows no bounds, in this exclusive interview.

X:IN, the vibrant quintet under the banner of Escrow Entertainment, burst onto the global music scene on April 11, 2023, with their electrifying digital single “Keeping the Fire.” Comprising five members from diverse backgrounds, X:IN brings a unique blend of talent and culture to their performances. Led by the charismatic E.Sha, the group boasts a lineup that includes Nizz, Nova, Hannah, and Aria, each bringing their own flair to the stage. From Australia to India and Korea to Russia, their multinational composition reflects the group’s commitment to celebrating diversity and unity through music.

Since their debut, X:IN has captivated audiences worldwide with their infectious energy and dynamic performances. Embracing their dedicated fan base, affectionately known as READY” the group solidified their bond with supporters on May 17, 2023, by unveiling their official fandom name. This gesture underscored X:IN’s appreciation for their fans, acknowledging them as integral to their journey in the music industry. Building on the momentum of their debut, X:IN showcased their versatility with the release of their first mini album, ‘Synchronicity,’ on August 30, 2023, followed by their second mini album, ‘The Real,’ on February 25, 2024, further solidifying their status as rising stars in the K-pop scene.

As X:IN continues to make waves in the music industry, Hellokpop caught up with the members in an exclusive interview, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their journey, aspirations, and the bond that unites them as a group. Stay tuned as we delve into the world of X:IN, where talent knows no borders and music transcends cultural boundaries.

Hellokpop: Hello X:IN! Thank you for taking the time to speak to Hellokpop. Let’s start by having each member introduce themselves and share their role in the group.

E.Sha: Hello. I am E.Sha, the shining leader. I am in charge of choreography, dance, and vocals on the team.

Nizz: Hello, I am NIZZ, the voice of X:IN. 

Nova: Hi, this is new star NOVA. I am a rapper and dancer in our group.

Hannah: Hello, I’m Hannah, responsible for dancing and rapping in X:IN. Nice to meet you.

Aria: Hello, I’m Aria, and I am in charge of rap in the group.


HKP: Before we discuss your recent achievements, we’d love to get to know the members a bit better. Can each of you share one fun fact about yourself that fans might not know?

E.Sha: I have an allergy to kiwi and raw crustaceans. I once went on a trip to Jeju Island and ate shrimp sashimi because it was popular at the time. However, since I can’t eat raw shrimp, I only ate fried shrimp heads. Even now, there are times when I want to eat something like crab, but sadly, I can’t.

Nizz: After a long trainee period, I debuted as a member of X:IN. Currently, I am a vocalist on the team, but during my time as a trainee, my positions were dancer and rapper. Once you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m an all-rounder.

Nova:  I really like vanilla-scented things, especially perfume.

Hannah: In the past, I wanted to be like foreign girls, so I worked out a lot to build muscle, applied heavy makeup to look tanned, and even got a septum piercing. I think I still have a hole in my nose.

Aria: I have a scar on my face from an incident where my glasses broke and pierced the skin under my right brow. It happened when I fell and hit my face on a rock while running around my grandparents’ house.

HKP: Congratulations on the success of your 2nd mini album, ‘The Real!’ Can you share the inspiration behind the album and its concept?

X:IN: Our second mini album, ‘The Real,’ is meaningful and authentically conveys the emotions the members experienced from their trainee days to after their debut through various genres of music. The concept is that ordinary people with regular jobs by day transform into mafias by night, allowing you to see our unique and dual personas.

HKP: Are there any behind-the-scenes moments or stories from making the music video for “NO DOUBT” that you can share with us?

Hannah: When we went to the Philippines to shoot the music video, it happened to coincide with my birthday. Of all the days, it had to be on the busiest day, so I sometimes forgot it was my birthday (laughs). But then, during the shoot, they surprised me with a cake! It was so touching, and I was grateful to everyone. I wanted to take pictures and show them to READY, and I wanted to brag about it, but I couldn’t show anything for fear of spoilers. After the shoot, I immediately turned on a live broadcast for my birthday in the early morning. I had to quickly put up balloon letters, but I put them up backward and had to pretend we weren’t in the Philippines to trick READY. It was fun (laughs).


HKP: “No doubt” is a phrase that suggests confidence and certainty. How does this theme resonate with your group’s journey and aspirations?

X:IN: There are a lot of people who like us, but there are also people who don’t like us, and there are people who leave malicious comments. But don’t doubt us! It [ “NO DOUBT”] contains our ambition that we will show it, and we will continue to prove it by quietly following our own path.

HKP: How do you feel your music and style have evolved since your debut?

X:IN: When we debuted, our song had a powerful hip-hop style, evoking the feeling of “Let’s get started.” With each subsequent comeback, we’ve evolved, becoming more developed and mature. While our song style may seem unfamiliar at first listen, it becomes addictive and cool when paired with our performances!

HKP: Your recent solo concert sold out within minutes. How did it feel to see such an overwhelming response from your fans?

X:IN: This was our first concert in Russia and our first solo concert at the same time. We were very surprised and grateful to hear that our Russian READY was so fast to buy all the tickets to our concert. A lot of READY, unfortunately, weren’t able to meet us this time, so we hope that next time, there are going to be even more opportunities to see each and every one of you. During the concert, the cheers from our fans were so loud we could hear them even through our inner ears, so this was an unforgettable experience.


HKP: As a group, X:IN has achieved remarkable success with your recent mini album and sold-out concert. Can each member share one word that best describes X:IN’s dynamic and energy on stage?

E.Sha: I want to express it as “keeping the fire” because our passion and energy are always burning on stage.

Nizz: I think it’s ‘slay.’ X:IN is always tearing up the stage (laughs).

Nova: Diverse.

Hannah: Lit and hot.

Aria: I personally think the word would be “Brave,” as each of us stands on stage completely aware of our flaws and strengths, striving to do our best and make the audience experience enjoyable.

HKP: For new fans, what do you think is X:IN’s distinctive charm as a group, and what charms do each of you bring to the group?

X:IN: We believe what sets X:IN apart is that we try to be very real. On camera, we always try to show our READY the closest thing to our real selves so that they’ll be able to connect with us better. We are not shy to try unconventional genres, and we think that the mindset that we’ve cultivated for ourselves will really help us in the future as well to stand out from the crowd. Each of us is similar but so different in many ways and the character we add to the group is different as well. As the vocalists of the team, E.Sha has a low register, while Nizz has a naturally mid to high range, and the contrast of both their tones overlapping shows a vibrant color in our songs. As for the rappers, Nova and Hannah rap in high tones, while Aria has a lower register, again showcasing our contrast and capability to cover ranges in songs. The personal dance styles are also really different as Nizz and Nova are dancers with a feminine dance line while E.Sha, Hannah, and Aria are good at more masculine styles, and when incorporated together, we are able to create versatile choreographies.


HKP: You’re also a multicultural group; E.Sha, Nizz, and Hannah are from South Korea, Nova is from Russia, and Aria is from India. What do you enjoy most about your diversity as a team?

X:IN: Through our interactions with each other, we’ve gained invaluable insights into various cultures. This shared knowledge fosters deeper understanding and allows us to engage more meaningfully with others from similar backgrounds. It also encourages us to embrace new experiences and perspectives that were once unfamiliar to us. One aspect we particularly enjoy is exploring different foods, as it provides a delightful opportunity to share our favorite dishes from our respective cultures with one another.

HKP: Looking ahead, what are some goals or milestones X:IN hopes to achieve in the near future?

X:IN: During this first solo concert, we wanted to meet all our READY in various countries. We also want to go on a world tour and have many opportunities to promote the group X:IN in various ways, such as performing at year-end award ceremonies. However, the most important goal is that all five X:IN members will be healthy and happy and be able to work with READY for a long time.

HKP: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects X:IN has in the works?

X:IN: Thankfully, there will be many opportunities to meet overseas READY, and we think we will be able to meet you again within this year.

HKP: Lastly, please leave a message to your READY across the world.

X:IN: Our dear READY, you make every single day special and full of happiness. Your love makes us work harder and harder to ensure that we always show you the best of our performances. We hope that in the future, we will be able to meet each and every one of you. Let’s always be together!


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*Special thanks to the members of X:IN and Escrow Entertainment for this exclusive interview.

Image and Video Credits: Escrow Entertainment