BtoB’s SungJae Talks Co-Stars, Personal Life & How To Stay Cheerful

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Who doesn’t wish for a neighborhood police officer who looks as good as Park Woojae in The Village?

Are you keeping up with BtoB‘s Yook Sungjae in his latest drama The Village: Achiara’s Secret? The drama is currently on air through SBS in Korea, and ONE HD in Malaysia.

In conjunction to him starring in the drama, ONE HD (Astro B. yond Ch 393) has unveiled an interview with Sungjae. The singer-actor talked about acting alongside Moon Geun Young, and revealed bits of his personal life, pet peeves and what he wants to achieve in his 20s.


Source: onetvasia.com

How did you feel when you found out that your co-star is Moon Geun Young?

It feels like a dream. I watched Moon Geun Young noona on TV since I was a child. It feels like I am watching the programmes again, but now I am in it. It’s so surreal. All my other BTOB members are jealous. (Laughs)

Do you let her listen to your music, between film breaks?

Yes. And she really enjoys Last Day, which is the last track in our new album I Mean.

Since you are a singer-turned-actor, do you plan to lend your voice to the OST of The Village?

I told Moon Geun Young noona that if our ratings were to hit 15%, we should do a duet together. But she insists that she can’t sing well!

How do you feel being labelled as a doppelganger of Seo In Guk and Lee Min Ki?

Not too long ago, I took a picture with Seo In Guk sunbae at the hair salon. He’s really good looking in person! I do hear people telling me that I look like Lee Min Ki sunbaenim too. They are both amazing people, so I am happy to be their doppelganger!

Sungjae's Twitter account

Source: Sungjae’s Twitter account

What do you do during your free time?

I like to shop! Once I get some free time, I’d go shopping. I like clean tailored jackets as well as sporty stadium jumpers. I like the design to be simple, and to be in beige.

What type of girls would get your attention?

I like girls who are direct, not wishy-washy.

In the drama, you act alongside Moon Geun Young, who is a senior. In real life, do you mind dating someone older than you (noona)?

I don’t mind. I prefer someone who can lead me, and more authoritative. Something like Shin Min Ah’s character in ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox’.

You are becoming increasingly popular in Korea and all across Asia. Do you get stopped on the streets for autographs?

I have been very busy, and I spend most of my time on the film set. So I don’t know how recognizable on the streets. (laughs)


Source: onetvasia.com

You are always smiling and looking happy. How do you keep up with your cheerful deposition amidst your tiring schedules?

Howevr I am feeling, I would always turn to music to resolve it – either by singing or listening to it. I would listen to Im Jae Bum’s This, Too, Shall Pass (laughs) and would feel that things would eventually clear up.

Your singing abilities have improved drastically since your debut…

I wouldn’t say that my singing has improved, but I’d like to think that I’ve been exposed to a lot more emotions. Through acting, listening to songs and meeting people, I feel that I’ve become someone with more depth.

Do you have any regrets so far?

Nope. I have none. If I were given another opportunity to start again, I would want to start my trainee days a bit earlier.


Source: onetvasia.com

If you could travel through time, what would you do?

If I could travel back in time, I would live more diligently than now. It’s only recently that I feel that life isn’t easy, back then, I was just sailing along.

You play a cheeky and somewhat blunt police officer in The Village. What is the real Yook Sung Jae like?

I am someone who isn’t great at ripping apart crab meat, or mixing black bean noodles. However, my heart is full of the desire to do it. (Laughs)

Collage: Sungjae's Twitter account

Collage source: Sungjae’s Twitter account

How do you feel when people praise you for your good looks?

I am forever grateful to receive such compliments, and it shows on my face. (laughs) It’s a little embarrassing, but when I hear people calling me ‘good looking’, my self-confidence will increase and it will make my day.

Is there something you want to achieve in your 20s?

I want to be someone with enough influence to let people feel empty when I am not around, especially to the people who are close to me.

Tell us something interesting about yourself…

I don’t like people touching my head. If you want to touch it, make sure you wash your hands. Also I don’t like people pretending to be close to me. I am someone who will only open up to people who are true to themselves.

What do you want the public to remember you as?

The oppa next door, a friendly dongsaeng.

Aren’t you too good-looking to be the oppa next door?

It is possible for the oppa next door to be good looking. (laughs)

What did you think of the interview?

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