Cheers from BAP’s fans light up the stage in London concert

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Idol group B.A.P stopped over in London on Sunday April 27 for their Live On Earth world tour. hellokpop’s Jess Lau was at Brixton’s O2 Academy to cover the concert.

Performing hits such as One Shot, Hurricane, BangX2, Warrior, and Rain Sound, the boys showed off their range of skills. From emotion filled rapping to clear yet full high notes, Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jong Up and Zelo gave the Babyz in attendance that night something to remember.

Production that night boasted a full show of graphics, videos and lights entertaining (and expensive) enough for a larger stadium. It almost felt sad to see the energetic performances of B.A.P on such a static stage, but screams from their fans filled up the room. This was made most apparent when the audience sang the line ‘[t]he roof is on fire’ for member Himchan, who had supposedly been made embarrassed over his pronunciation previous live performance.

The boys themselves also made the most of what they had by using comedic dance lessons and handing out a couple of drinks to lucky audience members.

As the night went on, the boys of B.A.P showed off their distinctive image as a group. Although most, if not all K-pop concerts feature solo stages for members and sub-units, the night was about B.A.P as a team. They showed their talents as one group striving to achieve a different image from many male idol groups.

Jumping about on stage and performing almost aggressive dance moves, B.A.P consistently differentiate themselves with a striking image that works well for them.

Overall, the night showed off B.A.P’s consistency in music, concept and unity as a group. We hope to see more from them in the future.

Special thanks to Twisted Talent Concerts and Gan-Shin & Okami Records.

Photos and Coverage by Jess Lau:  jess@hellokpop.com


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