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CNBLUE is now on their first ever world tour and has just held their first concert Blue Moon in Singapore on the 13th of April. Prior to the concert, we caught up with CNBLUE for a literal once in a blue moon press conference to see how the members were faring even as they continue making history by being the first South Korean band to go on a world tour of this scale.


Having achieved international stardom, what do the CNBLUE members miss the most about their early days?

 CNBLUE: “We still hope to be able to play on the streets while wearing masks to hide our faces”.

CNBLUE’s Blazing Jonghyun, Lovely Minhyuk, Untouchable Jungshin and Emotional Yonghwa


CNBLUE debuted in Japan and now while you are on your world tour, is there anything you feel nostalgic about with regards to your early days?

Yonghwa: We started out as a band which did not receive much attention and now that we’re able to actually go on our first world tour, we are thankful that people recognize us. We are grateful and very privileged to be where we are at the moment, but we still hope to be able to play on the streets while wearing masks to hide our faces.

Jonghyun: As there were hard times, we are appreciative of what we have right now, and this is all thanks to our fans.


CNBLUE is popular in other countries; what traits help CNBLUE stand out from amongst the numerous idol groups?

Yonghwa:  I think we are a part of Kpop, but unlike the other Kpop idol groups which focus a lot on dancing and singing together, we are a band and so, focusing solely on music helps us to stand out.

Jonghyun: We believe that our foreign fans can easily come to appreciate our music as bands are universal. Also, there aren’t many bands in Korea, and that this is our strength.


The members have been appearing in dramas recently. What are your thoughts on acting? Are there any roles you want to take on in future?

Yonghwa: In my opinion, both acting and music are both art, and being able to do both helps me express myself an artiste. In contrast to the previous two dramas that I have done, I want to be able to take on the role of a bright character in the next drama because I am bright, lively, cheerful and bubbly person!..and I am a funny guy! (laughs)

Minhyuk: We are in the midst of world tour right now, but even now I am receiving love calls to consider some roles. I do read through the scripts I receive, but at the moment I will be focusing on the tour. If a good opportunity comes my way, I hope I will be able to take it up.

Jungshin: If the cards are in my favour, I would also like to be able to act in a drama again.


Yonghwa, you have been recognized as a singer-songwriter. Will we see you writing songs for others apart from CNBLUE and your label mates? Also, when you write songs for your label mates, will there be a different sound to make them distinct from the CNBLUE sound?

Yonghwa: I would love to write songs for other singers, but at the moment, I have not yet been able to do much of that. When I do, it will be different from the usual sounds that CNBLUE usually performs.


Once in a Blue Moon in Singapore


Does the management dish out any advice on any dos and donts during the concert?

Yonghwa:  Honestly, there are no particular don’ts but the company does tell us to have fun, to have fun as much as we can, as that would help fans be able to enjoy themselves.

Minhyuk:  The small wish we have is for our fans to go crazy, scream their lungs out, jump, sing and enjoy themselves during the concert.  Our staff would probably be a bit worried that the concert would turn out a little bit too noisy!


Have you prepared any special stage for the Singapore concert? Also, is there any possibility of the members switching places/roles and performing on each other’s instruments?

Yonghwa: We don’t have a performance with us switching our positions, but maybe we could consider that! Anyway, for the Singaporean fans, we will be focusing on our new album Re:Blue, so fans will be able to hear many of the new songs. As we are not a performance-based idol group, there will also not be many costumes changes. We will simply be focusing on our music.

Singlish will help you connect to the Singaporeans better. Just add ‘lah’ at the end of all your sentences.

Members: Hi, how are you lah? Enjoy lah! We are very happy lah! Thank you lah!


Please tell us more about the special presents you bought for the media.

All members: The Korean traditional snack hankwa or yakkwa, is a snack we enjoy during special festive seasons when we gather with our families. It is very delicious and we hope that the media will enjoy eating them very much!


Media: Thank you very much lah!

All members: Thank you lah!


CNBLUE’s third and next stop is Bangkok, Thailand; there is no doubt that through this Blue Moon tour, CNBLUE will deliver to all fans a really special, out-of-this-world experience that will remain indelible in the memories of many.


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