[CONCERT RECAP] Korea Music Drive-in Festival Begins Celebrations In Grand Fashion During Its First Day Of Stunning Performances

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As one of this year’s largest K-pop events, Korea Music Drive-in Festival was a night to remember with some of the industry’s biggest names dominated the stage and delivered unforgettable performances during the event’s first day of festivities!

In the age of contactless performances due to COVID-19, the Korea Music Drive-in Festival made history as the largest drive-in concert to take place in the country. The two-day event began on Saturday, October 31, and included over 30 acts.

Among the performers scheduled to take to the stage were some of K-pop’s biggest names, including ATEEZ, NCT U, Everglow, and Dreamcatcher, and more. The event drew close to 2,000 cars to Incheon’s International Passenger Terminal where the event was held.

Moreover, the concert was live-streamed digitally for global fans by Overlook Events, creating a hybrid between an online and in-person event.

Korea Music Drive In Festival


Rookie boy group DKB began the show with their track, “Work Hard”. Their energetic performance set the tone for the rest of the eventful night, filled with powerful stages by all. Following their opening act, the trio 3YE performed their song “YESSIR”, impressing the audience with their charismatic stage presence. Subsequently, soloist AleXa, who just celebrated her one-year anniversary since debut, delivered an impactful stage of her recently released track, “Revolution”.

Indie pop-synth band ADOY performed their tracks “WONDER” and “LEMON”, spreading nostalgic whimsy to their audience. After their soothing stages, Golden Child brought lively tension to the stage with “OMG” and their recent comeback title track, “Pump It Up”, endearing fans with their cute charms.

CIGNATURE / B.O.Y / Lowdown30 / Rocket Punch/ Cherry Bullet

CIGNATURE delighted fans with their bubbly rendition of “Arisong”. The duo B.O.Y performed a dreamy stage of their ballad, “Miss You”, followed shortly by Lowdown30 who performed two spectacular rock tracks including “Hotter”.

Girl group Rocket Punch surprised with their song “Twinkle Stars”, thrilling fans with their captivating performance. Meanwhile, Cherry Bullet sang their recent comeback track “Aloha Oe”, making audiences smile with their bright stage.

Giant Pink / Lovelyz / Chiyoonhae / Momoland / Drippin

Giant Pink followed with her dominating performance of “Burn Out”. This was followed by Lovelyz, who charmed with their stages for “Destiny” and “Obliviate”. The girl-group welcomed nightfall with fireworks, enthralling audiences with their performances.

Thereafter, the band chiyoonhae provided some soothing tunes, while MOMOLAND delivered vibrant performances of their classic tracks “BBOOM BBOOM” and “Thumbs Up”. Meanwhile, DRIPPIN, who just debuted on October 28, 2020, demanded attention with their performance of their debut title track “Nostalgia”.

Cravity / Everglow / NoBrain / ATEEZ / DreamCatcher

Crossing the mid-point of the concert, CRAVITY lit up the stage with “Flame” and “Ohh Ahh”, keeping the energy high for the latter half of the event. Subsequently, EVERGLOW took to the stage with their fan-favorite tracks “LA DI DA” and “DUN DUN”. NoBrain provided a rocking performance of “Let’s Roll” and “You’re falling in to me”, raising the tension even more.

Meanwhile, global sensation ATEEZ riveted audiences with their intense stage presence during performances for “Inception” and “Say My Name”, showcasing a royal concept look for the night. This was followed by beloved girl-group Dreamcatcher, who performed “BOCA” and “Scream”.

CIX / Kim Jae Hwan / Galaxy Express / CLC / WJSN

CIX enraptured audiences with their newest track “Jungle”, followed by “Move My Body”. After, Kim Jae Hwan impressed with his incredible belted high notes during his stages for “The time I need” and “So Long”.

After, the garage rock band called Galaxy Express rocked the night away with “Jungle the black” and “Bye bye planet”. CLC performed energetic stages next with songs, “NO” and “HELICOPTER”, raising anticipation for their comeback later this month. Additionally, WJSN delighted fans with their whimsical performances of “BUTTERFLY” and “As You Wish”.

AB6IX / Park Moon Chi / Pentagon / The Boyz / Astro

Nearing the end of the event, AB6IX raised excitement even more with their playful stages of “THE ANSWER” and “MIRROR”, while indie singer Park Moon Chi pleased with lovely performances of songs “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “The Story of the Year”. PENTAGON followed this by enchanting fans with their powerful stages of “Daisy” and “Shine”.

The ever-so-charming group The Boyz performed “Whiplash” and “The Stealer”, stealing fans hearts with their charismatic stages. Following this, ASTRO performed their dreamy tracks “Knock” and “All Night”.

Leenalchi / (G)I-DLE / NCT U

To begin concluding the memorable night, eclectic band Leenalchi performed their tracks, “Tiger is Coming” and “Crying Softshell Turtle”. Following this, top girl-group (G)I-DLE performed their high-spirited songs “DUMDi DUMDi” and “LATATA”. To end day one of Korea Music Drive-in Festival NCT U took to the stage and performed their hit track “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”, concluding the marvelous festivities.

Korea Music Drive-in Festival as a whole was a history-making moment. Featuring the largest drive-in audience in Korean history and over thirty sensational performing acts, the night was a special moment for Korean music fans of every genre.

Moreover, through the global live-stream provided by Overlook Events, international Hallyu fans from every country could partake in the festivities. As the effects of COVID-19 continue, other events may follow Korea Music Drive-in Festival‘s lead by providing a unique hybrid experience of a contactless, in-person event with a global digital stream.

While COVID-19’s effects on in-person concerts have been detrimental, it’s clear that the industry successfully adjusted, creating unique opportunities for domestic and international audiences to connect through online platforms and events.

Hellokpop extends its gratitude to Overlook Events for the complimentary tickets to the event.

Event covered by: Kirsten for Hellokpop

PR and Image Source: Overlook Events

Video Source: Arirang News