[CONCERT RECAP] Lovelyz Took Fans Into A “Deep Forest” Fairy Tale

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Pure talent, memorable experience and powerful performances- these are the highlights from Lovelyz Deep Forest online concert!

8-member girl group Lovelyz held its first online concert Deep Forest on October 18. Through it, the idols showed their absolute talents as a group and individuals, delivering an unforgettable experience for all of its viewers.

Lovelyz Deep Forest

The girls came to the stage in groups of two, minutes before the actual concert started. They used the time to greet the fans who were waiting for them from the comforts of their homes.

The show delivered a variety of songs, including some very well known tracks like “Obliviate”, “Destiny”, “Lost N Found”, “Now, we”, “That Day” and more. They also performed tracks from their latest mini-album Unforgettable. The impeccable set-list fit the atmosphere which the artists wanted to illustrate through their sound and choice of stage clothing.

Above all, Lovelyz created a fairy tale-like concert with their dreamy and mysterious music. The girls showcased their well known innocent and pure charms, and also displayed how they have grown through the years. The concert portrayed a different feel from what the idols are used to showing to the public, making it a very special one.

Charming new stages & special surprises

Lovelyz presented fans with much awaited performances of the songs from their latest album, some of which were not seen before. Those included “Dream In A Dream” and “Never Secret”, tracks which leave a magical impression to those who listen to them.

Along with those, the artists prepared special stages of their tracks “Hi”, “Beautiful Days” and “Lost N Found”. In particular, those songs were presented as an acapella medley with the help of a guitarist who joined them on the stage.

The new arrangement showed a different feel to the pieces, showcasing a more mature atmosphere compared to the originals.

The girls also performed “Just” in the form of a self-camera version. The members later revealed they will send the special clip of that stage to a few lucky Lovelinus, who they drew during one of the Ments.

Lovelyz showed another surprise. They shared especially prepared clips called “Lovelyz ISAC” in which they played various games against each other. Through them not only did the members have some fun together but they also showed their unique and playful sides to the fans.

Heartwarming messages in the Deep Forest

Throughout the concert, the girls did not stop saying how much they regret not being able to see Lovelinus in person. They even shared how strange it felt at first without them in the hall. Although, because of the many Live comments and support, the artists were able to enjoy the concert.

Lovelyz eventually felt like they became one with Lovelinus, feeling their energy and love as if they were in the concert hall with them.

At the end when the girls said their goodbyes, each of them showed their appreciation and love for the fans. Some of the members even got emotional, touching many people’s hearts with their sincerity.

Lovelyz Deep Forest

Dreamy quality performances

During the show, Lovelyz sang many of their songs to create a memorable experience of more than 2 hours and 30 minutes. Most importantly, the group kept the fantasy theme the whole time, all while delivering the quality singing and occasional rapping that only they can do.

The artists further took fans’ breaths away with the beautiful precise high notes and the harmony between the members’ voices. The vocals shined as individual and as a swift combination, as if they were one.

The group impressed when they appeared with red fans and began dancing to a mystical tune. The melody fittingly introduced the upcoming song “Moonlight”, in which the girls showed their powerful performance. The stage was followed by another strong track, their latest title track and hit “Obliviate”.

Lovelyz Deep Forest

As the show was almost at its end, the screen started showing clips from the group’s previous concerts. This nostalgic moment was followed by the track “Worry Dolls” and the final goodbyes from the members.

After a very emotional and touching farewell, the girls performed their last song “Good Night Like Yesterday”. The number was accompanied by photos of fans that filled the big screens at the background.


The event was available for fans all over the world to enjoy thanks to MyMusicTaste’s technology-forward platform. The mentioned platform includes a newly added feature for online streaming, which brings artists and fans closer in these unfortunate times.

LOVELYZ ONTACT CONCERT Deep Forest is brought to fans by WOOLLIM ENTERTAINMENT. Hellokpop extends gratitude to MyMusicTaste for the complimentary ticket to the event.

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