[CONCERT RECAP] Taeyeon Demonstrates Her Reign As The Ultimate Vocal Queen During “The ODD OF LOVE” In Singapore

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When the weekend comes, Taeyeon makes SG SONEs’ hearts go boom, boom, boom! 

Vocal powerhouse and member of renowned girl group Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon, has finally made her long-awaited return to Singapore for her solo concert on 19 August 2023 (Saturday) and 20 August 2023 (Sunday) at Singapore Indoor Stadium. The Singapore stop of Taeyeon’s fifth concert tour “TAEYEON CONCERT — The ODD OF LOVE” marks her return to the city-state after four years. Read on to relive magical moments from the first show of Taeyeon’s ODD OF LOVE world tour in Singapore last Saturday.

Clad in a stunning black gown, Taeyeon opened the show with “INVU”, the title track of her third full-length album which was released last year. Amidst the deafening cheers from SG SONEs which was accompanied by the lovely pink ocean of the Molar Bongs, Taeyeon took the stage with her other hit tracks such as “Can’t Control Myself”, “Some Nights” and “Set Myself On Fire”. 

The concert experience took an enthralling turn as a VCR break provided Taeyeon with a brief intermission to undergo an outfit change. Soon after, she emerged back on stage in a goddess-like white pants suit, radiating elegance and grace. The transformation was met with applause and awe, setting the tone for the second set of the evening. 

The second set began with the hauntingly beautiful melody of “Siren” where Taeyeon’s vocals soared through the arena, captivating everyone in attendance. The emotionally charged performance of “Cold As Hell” left a profound impact, with Taeyeon wowing the audience with her ability to convey raw emotions through her melodic voice. 

Amidst the captivating performances, Taeyeon took a moment to greet SG SONEs during her opening ment. Taeyeon shared her joy in returning to Singapore after a long time and expressed her anticipation of meeting SG SONEs once again. Recognizing Singapore as the final stop of The ODD OF LOVE tour, Taeyeon conveyed that the two shows in Singapore held special significance for her, promising to showcase her utmost best for the fans who patiently waited for her return. 

Following the opening ment, Taeyeon seamlessly transitioned into “Heart” and “Toddler”, entrancing the crowd with her emotional delivery. The concert then continued to mesmerize as Taeyeon delved into her third set after another short VCR break with “Weekend”, “No Love Again”, “You Better Not” and “Stress”. 

Taking a moment to connect with the audience after the exciting stages, Taeyeon playfully shared that her heart rarely beats as fast as during concerts. She also expressed her hope that SG SONEs were having a fantastic time, setting the stage for the next sequence. 

Soon after, she continued the concert journey with “Playlist”, “What Do I Call You” and “To The Moon”. During the “Wildfire” stage, a special moment unfolded, showcasing the exceptional talents of each of Taeyeon’s dancers and band members. Each performer exhibited their prowess, adding a dynamic layer to the performances in their own way. The segment was not just a display of skills, but it was a celebration of collaborative energy that elevates Taeyeon’s performances to greater heights, and also a testament to her appreciation for her team. 

As the concert progressed, Taeyeon took a heartfelt pause to extend her appreciation to fans who traveled from Korea and various countries to attend her show. She also acknowledged the enthusiastic response that the Singapore show had received, which led to the addition of a second day. 

With the momentum of gratitude and excitement, Taeyeon continued her mesmerizing performances with “My Tragedy + Better Babe”, “Four Seasons”, “Timeless”, “Fine” and “I”. Each track carried its own unique emotions, which were skillfully interpreted by Taeyeon’s exceptional vocals and stage presence. 

The audience reciprocated their affection for Taeyeon by cheering “Kim Taeyeon, Saranghae!” instead of the typical encore cheers, creating a unique and touching memory. The anticipation for Taeyeon to return for her final set and closing goodbyes truly reflected the deep connection that Taeyeon has with her fans. 

The closing set of the concert featured two impactful performances — “Spark” and “Ending Credits”. The stage sparkled with energy and emotion as Taeyeon’s performance continued to awe the crowd. 

During her ending ment, Taeyeon pointed out her fans that were dressed in banana outfits and even received a banana from them. This act of affection held a special meaning as she shared that she started eating bananas from preparing for concerts as a way to stay energized. Expressing her awe at the strong throats of the fans, she conveyed her profound gratitude for their unwavering love and support. 

Taeyeon shared that no words could fully encapsulate her feelings, emphasizing how much she treasures her fans. She also playfully reminded everyone that there was still another day in which they need to scream their lungs out for, a sentiment which was met with even louder cheers of excitement. With genuine emotion, she ended the night by thanking her fans for creating and sharing such unforgettable memories with her. 

As the final notes of the concert resonated through the stadium, it was evident that The ODD OF LOVE tour was a culmination of Taeyeon’s artistry, dedication and passion. The meticulously curated setlist, coupled with her unparalleled vocal talent, delivered a magical night of music that will forever be etched in the memories of all who attended. It was not just a musical event, but it was also an enchanting journey which served as her testament to her status as one of the ultimate vocal queens of K-Pop.

This might be the ending credits, but it is definitely not the end of Taeyeon and SG SONEs! 

Taeyeon’s “The ODD OF LOVE” Tour in Singapore is brought to the fans by CK Star Entertainment. Team HelloKpop would like to extend gratitude to CK Star Entertainment for the media invite. 

This event was covered by Yolande Goh.

Image Source: CK Star Entertainment | SM Entertainment