Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert: Philippines’ first massive Kpop concert held successfully

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As the name of the event suggests, it was indescribably a dream and a fantasy to have 6 Kpop groups gathered for one big event in the Philippines. A first of its kind, the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert (DKFC) held on January 19, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Grounds was a success. Attended by thousands of Kpop fans from all over the country and even from abroad and participated by Kpop groups namely Girls’ Generation, U-KISS, Infinite, EXO, Tasty and Tahiti, the event became the talk of the town.

Before the event, dance contests were held for Kpop fans. After many rounds of eliminations, 20 fans emerged and came about to be the opening act for the concert. The group danced to a mash-up of songs including those from the DKFC artists and other famous tracks from SHINee, 2PM, Super Junior and so much more.


Infinite starts “the chase”

After a short while, Infinite started the main show with a high level of energy as they performed The Chaser, as if giving the fans a hint on how they will be running after them throughout the concert. They also sang their songs Paradise, Before the Dawn and In the Summer. Although their performance was cut during their performance of Be Mine due to technical difficulties, the group continued on to perform lively. Dongwoo and Hoya who are currently promoting as a sub-unit, Infinite H, sang and danced to some lines of their song Special Girl.

As Myungsoo, Woohyun, Sunggyu, Sungjong, Sungyeol, Hoya and Dongwoo scattered on different areas of the stage, fans started to indeed chase after them with the hopes of interacting with their idols. Their efforts did not come to waste as some were able to hand their gifts to the boys, take pictures, shook hands with them and so much more. Ironic as it may seem toward the end of their stage with Nothing’s Over, Inspirits (Infinite’s fans) were satisfied with the over the top performance of the idol group.


“Together, we are Tasty!”

Earlier in August 2012, Woolim Entertainment introduced a new duo, the twins Daeryong and Seryong. Debuting with an unusual genre gearing to the dubstep and electronic, the duo has managed to gain huge number of fans, reaching to more than 80,000 followers on Twitter in just about 6 months since their debut.

Before their arrival in the Philippines, they tweeted, “to Philippine twingz : sorry y’all we couldn’t make it ..basically we didn’t get on the plane soplease don’t asked me why .canuguysdothat ?”.  Fans were worried on whether they will be able to see them because of the missed flight. Seeing them arrive in the Philippines on the day of the concert brought relief to the fans.

“Together, we are Tasty!”, the duo said as they were asked by the host to introduce themselves. During the interview segment, a lucky fan who handed the boys flowers, was able to receive a hug from the twins. Indeed, the duo lives up to its name when they gave a tasteful and lively performance of You Know Me, Solo and Spectrum.


KISSMes cheer in the name of U-KISS

It was not the first but the fourth time that U-KISS performed to the Filipino crowd but the response never gets old or cold. From the debut song Man Man Ha Ni to Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up, Someday, Believe and to their latest track Stop Girl, fans did not stop from jamming along to show their love for U-KISS.

The crowd also sang in unison to sing Kiseop a happy birthday for his 23rd birthday. The members of the group showed how close they were when they did a group hug.

Fans were also delighted when Kevin shared that Philippines holds a special place in their hearts as they held their first concert in the country before.


Tahiti owned the dance floor

Like the fresh vibe of Tahiti island to which they derived their group name from, the girl group Tahiti showed a lively performance at the DKFC. Although they are a relatively new group,  the girls showed confidence in performing their songs Tonight, Hasta Luego and Pretty Face. Some fans also took notice of their introduction music, JYJ‘s Mission.

They also surprised the fans with their performance of Spice GirlsWannabe and Hyuna‘s version of Gangnam Style. Fans got a special treat as Jungbin, Jisoo, Minjae, Ari, Jin and Miso threw away signed posters to the crowd. The girls although appeared with teary eyes toward the warm welcome, ended their stage with big waves and smiles to their fans.


EXO embraced by fans with open arms

EXO is one of the most anticipated rookies in the Philippines as proved by their win at the recent Philippine Kpop Awards under the Rookie of the Year category. Almost a year after their debut, fans who have been waiting for them finally saw them live, performing their songs MAMA, History, Two Moons, What is Love and Angel. EXO members D.O, Baekhyun, Luhan and Chen also performed the English song Open Arms.

Probably the most favorite performance from their fans, EXO got personal with their rendition of a Filipino song, Hawak Kamay (Holding Hands) by Yeng Constantino. With Lay and Chanyeol playing the guitar, Kris playing the percussion and the other members singing, the crowd sang along with them. The performance was made more special with the giving away of candies and roses and the kind words like Mahal Kita (I love you) and salamat po (thank you) by the individual members of EXO.


Filipino SONEs to SNSD: We thought you’d never come

“Did you guys wait for us? So sweet to see everybody is saying, “We thought you’d never come”, Tiffany commented during their interview in the middle of their performances as she and her members saw the fans raising the banners saying “We thought you’d never come”.

Since their debut, Girls’ Generation proved their popularity with their albums and music videos ranking on top of Philippine charts. The long wait has finally come true for Filipino SONEs. Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Soohyun, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sunny and Sooyoung performed Genie, Hoot,  The Boys, Dancing Queen, Gee, Someday (Jessica) and I Got A Boy. The crowd cheered louder as Tiffany changed the lyrics of her line in Genie to “Philippines, put it back on”. 

With the success of the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert, fans’ dreams indeed came true. Events with lots of artists are now expected in the future.

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