The Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert press conference: Infinite

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Woollim Entertainment‘s successful 7-member idol group, Infinite, has finally hit the Philippine shores for their special performances at the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert.

On January 18, Myungsoo, Woohyun, Sungjong, Sunggyu and Sungyeol presented themselves to the press to talk about their interests, their music and so much more. Dongwoo and Hoya were unable to attend the conference, as they were in Korea busily promoting as the group’s sub-unit, Infinite H. Read on to see how the boys were able to capture the crowd with their wit and charisma.

Press conference:

Host: Welcome to the Philippines! Can you introduce yourselves to everyone?

Myungsoo: Hi everyone. I am L.

Woohyun: Hi everyone. I am Woohyun. Thank you.

Sungjong: Hi everyone. I am Sungjong.

Sunggyu: Hi everyone. I am Sunggyu.

Sungyeol: Hi everyone. I am Sungyeol.

Host: Since it’s your first time in the Philippines, what do you expect on this trip?

Sunggyu: It is our first time in the Philippines and it’s very cold in Korea right now. The weather here is very warm and we love the weather. We really wanted to be here and have a concert as soon as possible to meet our fans.


Host: What do you think of Filipino girls and will you ever date one?

Woohyun: We were really surprised that there were really so many beautiful and cool Filipinas. We will have a date with them on our concert.

Host (to the fans):  Are you guys excited to meet them?

Fans: Yes!


Host: You guys are so popular here. Do you guys know how popular you are here?

Sungyeol: Before we came here, to the Philippines, we were really really surprised how many our fans are. We really really appreciate it.


Press: K-pop has been very influential around the world. How do you feel about the influence of K-pop?

Sunggyu: We’re very proud that the influence of K-pop has been very great. As a K-pop star, I am very proud.


Press: Can you share your future plans with us?

Woohyun: We will give our fans performances. We’re planning to perform all over Asia, so we ask for your love.


Press: Your co-member, Hoya, received good reviews on his acting in Reply 1997? What can you say about Hoya’s acting in a gay role?

Sunggyu: The role that he played in the drama, rather than being gay, it was more like having more affection to the boy friend. We were really surprised that he had a good performance.


Press: Do you have plans of having any activities here, like a solo fan meeting, or a concert here in the Philippines, since fans have been waiting for almost three years already?

Sunggyu: First of all, we will work hard on our album. We plan to work on something for Asia soon.

Infinite: Philippines, saranghaeyo!


Infinite also expressed how grateful they were to perform in an event with Girls’ Generation. When asked what their favorite choreography was, Woohyun showed everyone their famous scorpion dance in Before the Dawn. Before the press conference ended, Myungsoo promised that they would be showing their passion in performing for their Filipino fans.

Stay tuned to hellokpop, as we will soon be bringing you an exclusive update on Tahiti’s press conference and more coverage of the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. Meanwhile, read our coverage of U-KISS’ press conference HERE.

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