[HKP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] GHOST9 Reveals Goals, Preparations For Debut and Carving Their K-Pop Presence

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MAROO Entertainment just recently introduced a new group on the block, GHOST9! With their exclusive interview with Hellokpop, the well-rounded nonet has revealed some of their biggest goals, as well as their message to fans.

K-Pop is exploding in 2020 as newer artists move into the scene. One of the major league impressions that the general public have for K-pop is its varying head count per group. Hereinafter, an ensemble of nine came right in time to prove that having a large number of members as the nature element of an idol group includes diversity of talents and fun.


As the second dance-oriented male act from MAROO Entertainment, the home of soloist and actor Park Ji Hoon, GHOST9 is a sureball rising K-pop act!

Their approach to futuristic produced K-pop, and histrionic choreography has made them one of the rookie groups to watch this year. Developing unique concept through sleek narrative, the EDM debut song “Think of Dawn”, accompanied by a futuristic music video, sealed their insignia as an act with domineering performance and visuals.

Aged 16 through 22, several members of GHOST9 has been first exposed into national publicity after joining survival shows Produce X 101 and MIXNINE. Prior to debuting as a whole, three members (Lee Jinwoo, Lee Woojin, and Lee Taeseung) has been introduced as a unit group called TEEN TEEN.

Now, the new 9-piece K-pop suit, before known as MAROOkies — comprised of Hwang Dongjun, Lee Woojin, Shin, Choi Junseong, Lee Jinwoo, Lee Kangsung, Son Junhyung, Prince, and Lee Taeseung, announced its debut with lead track “Think of Dawn” on September 23.

GHOST9’s first mini album PRE EPISODE 1 :DOOR features five tracks, including the title song and “Flying at Night”, which fans saw at the premiere live showcase on Mnet.

With their audience increasing by day, the boys welcomed their first era with each member, sharing stories about their debut and album, as well as their goals — through an exclusive interview with Hellokpop.

Greetings from Hellokpop! It’s nice to be able to communicate with you for the first time.  Please give a quick intro for our Hellokpop readers.

GHOST9: Hello we are GHOST9 from Maroo Entertainment.


From left to right: Dongjun, Woojin, Shin, Junseong, Jinwoo, Kangsung, Junhyung, Prince, Taeseung

Before anything else, congratulations for a successful launching! Now that you guys had debuted, please tell us, how do you feel?

PRINCE: Even though it’s quite nerve-racking, I’m very fortunate to be able to debut. Please support to seeing us a lot in the future, and please look forward to seeing us grow pro as a group as well.


With your recent grand launch, the reaction of fans were explosive. They were thrilled and amazed. Now, please tell us a little more about the preparations you have been making. What are the primary factors preparing for your debut and how was the experience gearing for your first mini album PRE EPISODE 1:DOOR?

LEE KANGSUNG: It’s our first debut album with 9 members, and it marks the beginning of our album. We were all very nervous, but we were so excited to perform on stage. We were so excited that we didn’t even know time was passing. And when we’ve got our song and choreography, we were finally able to do ours for the first time. We did think a lot about what to do.

Lee Kangsung

As a young group with infinite capabilities, what concepts would you like to explore with?

LEE WOOJIN: I want to show not only cool, hip-hop, and powerful performance, but also various aspects, and become a group that is not obsessed with just one thing.

What are the goals you have set for your debut and first album?

SON JUNHYUNG: Our very first goal in mind with our debut and first mini-album is to win the Rookie of The Year.

Where do you see GHOST9 going in the future?

SHIN: I think being the next boy group representing Korea.

What are some of your biggest goals as a group that you hope to accomplish?

LEE JINWOO: Our goal is to be on the biggest stage in the world.

How do you want to inspire everyone with your music?

HWANG DONGJUN: What do I make music’s core is hip-hop, and I want to be a pioneer. I mean, I want to make my own genre eventually.

We saw that you have been doing several dance covers, and fans are receiving it so well! People are now wondering, what is the sound that GHOST9 want to get known for, and how would you describe it?

CHOI JUNSEONG: We, GHOST9, have a very good chemistry between members, so I hope we get renowned for our chemistry. Also, unlike on stage, I want to enjoy the things beneath and show you another unexpected charm above.

As the K-Pop scene is evidently getting bigger, how would you want to stand out among the rest of your fellow artists in the industry?

LEE TAESEUNG: Just like a rookie boy group who just debuted, we want to become prominent as a boy group that is energetic, adventurous, and professional.

Lastly, please send a message to the fans who have patiently waited and has been eagerly wanting to see you all.

SON JUNHYUNG: Dear fans of GHOST9. First of all, we would like to thank you guys for waiting us for a long time with patience. Now it’s our time to return all the love and support you have given. Thanks again for your love, and hope to see you soon. With love, GHOST9.


Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed that GHOST9 will be participating in the annual K-pop concert KCON:TACT Season 2. They will perform on October 25 (Sunday), the last day of the week-long celebration with star-studded K-pop acts.

Watch the video interview below

You can follow GHOST9 on  Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Check out their debut album PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR on Spotify too.

All photos in this feature were provided by Maroo Entertainment. This interview was conducted in Korean and was translated by the agency into English.