Exclusive Interview: VAV Talks About Long-Awaited Comeback, What VAV Means to Them, And More

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VAV is back and ready to capture fans’ hearts in this exclusive interview.

The return of VAV in the K-Pop scene can be summed up in a single word: finally. This moniker perfectly captures the collective sigh of relief fans, and peers felt about the group’s long-awaited return. And it’s no wonder the third-generation idol group, which has long been considered underrated for various reasons, is starting to get the recognition they deserve.

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Since their debut in 2015, A Team Entertainment’s boy group, VAV, has emerged as a hidden gem in third-generation K-Pop. Consisting of members St.Van, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu, VAV recently returned to the K-Pop scene with “Subcönscióus,” marking their first comeback after nearly three years (two years and nine months, to be exact) since Made For Two was released in September of 2020.

Admittedly, we, like many others across the globe, were late to the fandom, as they first caught our attention in 2019 with their first self-produced album, THRILLA KILLA. Now four years later, we can’t imagine an industry without them.  They have shown tremendous talent, earning positive comments from fans across the globe for their live vocals during previous tours as well as most recently on the YouTube channel it’s Live.

With ethereal visuals, strong vocal and rap prowess, astounding dance skills, and mature charms, VAV has proven time and again that they are a group worth paying attention to.

To commemorate VAV’s long-awaited comeback, the members joined Hellokpop to dish on their latest album, Subcönscióus, what VAV means to them, share a special message for VAMPZ, and more. Keep reading to learn more about St.Van, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu!

Hellokpop: First of all, congratulations on the release of your latest album, “Subcönscióus.” It’s so great to have VAV back! How does it feel to be back on the K-Pop scene? Did you feel any pressure making this comeback?

VAV (ACE): I would say we were indeed overwhelmed by this comeback, not only because it has been a while since we released a new album but also because we were highly involved in the production process. However, the happiness and the hopes we had preparing for this album were actually greater than the pressure we felt.

HKP: When you stepped back into the studio together, how did that experience feel? Was it different than your previous releases? 

VAV (ST.VAN): We had a very long hiatus, so every moment I spent preparing was exciting yet nervous at the same time.

VAV (AYNO): It was a moment we all confirmed that the members want to continue as one, as VAV. It was truly an unforgettable and precious moment.

HKP: What did you miss the most about being away for so long? 

VAV (JACOB): I missed performing on stage with the members, and our fans, VAMPZ.

HKP: That time spent away from VAMPZ must have evoked a spark or passion to return on stage. Did that play a role in the creation of this album? 

VAV (ACE): Of course. There were some challenging moments during the production process, but we managed to pull through thinking about presenting our music to our fans. “Designer” is such a lively, charismatic song that takes listeners on such a fun ride. What would you say was the primary goal or intended feeling you wanted to convey with the track?

VAV (AYNO): I hope all the listeners of “Designer” would go ahead and design their own life without being too self-conscious! I really want this track to boost their self-esteem whenever people listen to it.

HKP: What was the most difficult track to record for you on the album? 

VAV (ST.VAN): I found “Cause I Miss You” challenging because it was a type of song that I shouldn’t be too relaxed or too pumped up while singing it.

HKP: All six members participated in the production of the album. Can you tell us more about each of your roles? 

VAV (ST.VAN): All of the members participated in the production of the album, including choosing the concept and our outfits as well as selecting the tracks to be included. LOU wrote the lyrics to the title song, and ACE wrote the lyrics to “Call U Mine” and “Reason.”AYNO choreographed for “Call U Mine” and wrote, “By My Side.” And the last track, “Cause I Miss You” was written by me and LOU. As you can see, members participated greatly in this album which makes this album more special.

HKP: Additionally, Members LOU and AYNO participated in writing the lyrics for “Designer.” Can you tell us about your creative process? What inspired you to write the song? 

VAV(LOU): I was really self-conscious growing up. But if someone had told me that the path I have chosen is right and that I should go ahead with it without worrying too much, it would have been very encouraging to me. I wrote the lyrics to “Designer,” wishing to encourage like-minded people.

HKP: Could you share with us some of your favorite moments or highlights from recording the tracks on the album to the filming of the music video?

VAV(JACOB): I would say every moment is my favorite, including the day of members’ discharge from the military, the recording, filming, and even the practice sessions. I don’t think I’ll ever forget all those moments.

HKP: Your music video for “Designer” is so cool and has more of a sultry vibe, which fans seem to love. Can you tell us about each of your characters in the story portrayed in the music video? 

VAV(AYNO): In the music video, ZIU was an assassin, JACOB was a skater, ACE was a graffiti artist, and LOU was a bullfighter. By the way, LOU had to learn how to dance the Paso Doble for the music video, and he put a lot of effort into learning it. ST.VAN was the driver that led the way for everyone, and I was a lost dancer.

HKP: Which song would you recommend the most to anyone who will listen to the album? And, what is your favorite track, and why? 

VAV(LOU): I would recommend “Designer,” the title track of this album, to all the listeners out there, but personally, my favorite track is “Cause I Miss You.” I think this song really portrays how much we missed our fans during the long hiatus. 

VAV(ST.VAN, AYNO, ZIU): Our favorite song is “Reason.” ACE wrote the song, and we love the lyrics.

VAV(ACE, JACOB): The title track, “Designer,” would be, without a doubt, our favorite track!

HKP: What would you say is the difference between VAV in 2020 and VAV in 2023 in terms of music? 

VAV(LOU): We’ve always been making good music, so I would say there is no big difference in that sense. However, I feel like we are more passionate now.

HKP: What does VAV mean to you? 

VAV(ST.VAN): VAV is entirely me, Lee Geum Hyuk (ST.VAN’s birth name). I have spent most of my life as a part of VAV.

VAV(ACE): It is like a gift that was given to me as I was living an ordinary life. VAV is a great gift and a blessing, and I want to continue treasuring it.

VAV(AYNO): It represents the epitome of my bright 20s.

VAV(JACOB): VAV is like my home.

VAV(LOU): VAV is like a flower in a pot. It is a group that I slowly look after to make sure it grows well.

VAV(ZIU): A family.

HKP: If you can swap your places with one of the members, which member will you want to swap with and why?

VAV(ST.VAN): JACOB, because, as you can see, he has a great physique even though he does not work out.

VAV(ACE): I would choose to just live in my body. Other members do have great body shapes, but I like my own body balance.

VAV(AYNO): St.VAN because I like his squared shoulders.

VAV(JACOB): LOU, because he is tall.

VAV(LOU): JACOB, because he has a great body. I just want his muscles. Only muscles.

VAV(ZIU): JACOB, because I want to live with a great body shape.

HKP: Fans often refer to the post-military era as a group’s 2.0 era. What can fans expect in the future from VAV 2.0? 

VAV(AYNO): Look forward to our new music and the songwriting abilities of the members!

VAV(JACOB): Also, to the fans around the world that have been waiting for us, please look forward to meeting us in person and enjoying our performances!

HKP: For anyone discovering VAV for the first time in 2023, what do you think your charm is as a group? As individuals? 

VAV(ST.VAN): I think our charm as a group is that we express our own uniqueness in our vocal styles and colors, and all the members are attractive in their own ways. As an individual, I guess my masculinity? Answering this question makes me blush.

VAV(ACE): As a group, I think it would be our physiques, all of us being tall and having wide shoulders, as well as the combination of various voice tones and our harmony as a group. For myself, it would be my cute and sexy Prince-like visual and surprising abs that people might not expect from me.

VAV(AYNO): We have the physiques that give off a reliable and protective vibe. For myself, I have heard that my smiling eyes are very charming.

VAV(JACOB): The members are good-looking, in great shape, and extraordinary singers and dancers.

VAV(LOU): We are a very down-to-earth group. Anyone can come to look for us and find inner peace. For me, I’m way down there and no fun. But that’s my charm.

VAV(ZIU): All the members of VAV have great physiques and are very cheerful and pleasant to be around. The maknae of the group, ZIU, is especially good-looking.

HKP: Lastly, please leave a message to everyone who’s reading this, as well as to your fans around the world. 

VAV(ST.VAN): We have put so much effort and care into every detail of this album. I can assure you that all the tracks of the album are great, so do listen to them and send us your love and support! This has been VAV, thank you!

Congratulations to VAV on the release of their seventh mini-album Subcönscióus and their upcoming Latin America tour.

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This interview was conducted in English with the assistance of a translator. Special thanks to VAV, A Team Entertainment, and Helix Publicity for this interview.