[Exclusive] KPOPGAGA Preview 1 features Kim So Jung and new group ‘Girlfriend’ in Singapore

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Kim So Jung, is one of the top 11 finalists of M.net Superstar K2 who made her first debut in May, 2012. Her release of the 1st album, 헤라스  (Herrah’s) along with her title track, Sweat or Tears, emphasizes her strong vocals which she is well known for.  She has also sung for several Korean dramas OST such as Love is (Caffeine) (a collaboration with Kim Hyun Jun), Pit a Pat (Playful Kiss) (a collaboration with Lee Boram & Park Boram) and You Have Come from the popular drama, Queen Inhyun’s man.

During KPOPGAGA‘s 2nd showcase, KPOPGAGA PREVIEW, which was held on September 22 at Cathay Cineleisure in Singapore, Kim So Jung performed her recent 2nd album song entitled, Blap, an energetic dance song which represents a woman’s jealousy towards her lover by showing her cuteness and charismatic side. She ended her performance with another song, You Have Come (그대가 왔죠). 

The next highlight of the preview is the new Korean girl group, Girlfriend. This new group consists of members JaeinMiziHaei, and Yoa. They took the stage with their performance of their first theme song entitled, Fiesta. The leader of the group, Jaein, later on also took the opportunity to explain the meaning behind the song title, “Fiesta, which means festival, brings not only the fans, but themselves too, to enjoy the song and performance together.”

(From Left to Right: Yoa (Makae), Haei, Jaein (Leader) and Mizi)


The preview ended off with an autograph session of Kim So Jung and Girlfriend.  After the showcase, the press conference took place at Oasia’s Club Lounge in Hotel Oasia Singapore.


The following Q & A session was held during the press conference between Kim So Jung, the MC and the media members:



Q: Have you considered branching into acting in dramas/movies?

A: I would like to concentrate on singing first. In the near future if possible, I will take up acting lessons before acting in dramas and movies.


Q: Is there any particular singer that you would like to work with?

A: I hope that I will be able to work with T.O.P from BIGBANG (빅뱅).


Q: Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

A: It would be “Dreams Come True”. When I was young, I always wanted to pursue my dream to become a singer. And since I fulfilled my dream which is to debut successfully as a singer, no doubt the 3 words are the best to describe myself.


Q: Why did you choose in joining Superstar K rather than through company audition?

A: I couldn’t chase after my dreams when I was young. Everybody around me was studying. That is why I’ve choose in joining Superstar K after I graduated from university.


Q: Since you have graduated from KAIST, a prestige institute in Korea, how did your parents react when you told them that you wanted to become a singer?

A: My parents did not really support me at first. After successfully getting through in the auditions, my parents gradually gave me support since then.


Q: A lot of idol groups are going for mature image, do you have any plans to change your image?

A: I can’t change my concept. It all depends on the song style for me.


Q: What advice will you give for the contestants in Superstar K4 that are currently undergoing audition?

A: Although you might get nervous, just try your best and enjoy yourself, so that in return, people will enjoy your performances too.


Q: What would you like to say to your fans in Singapore?

A: It has been a fun time and I’m really thankful for all the fans in Singapore. I will try my best and hope you guys will look forward to my performance in the near future! Thank you!



The following Q & A session was held between Girlfriend, the MC and the media members:



Q: What are your current and future plan in the industry?

Haei: “We are hoping and planning  to get to know more fans through our 2 albums.Maybe from then on, then we will go for more major events and bigger plans in overseas.”


Q: Have you consider branching into the acting and drama, or movies?

Jaein: “Actually some of us are planning to take up acting lessons in the near future. I hope the acting will involved all the members in the group. You will see us appearing more often in variety shows or tv programmes when we become more famous in the future.”

Mizi: “I’ve picked up on acting before. I won’t mind taking up acting if I have any opportunities given to me. I hope people will give me opportunities to act in the near future too.”


Q: Who are your inspirations?

A: We drew our inspirations from 2NE1 and Lee Hyori.

Jaein: “If there are chances to collaborate with, I hope to be with Taeyang from BIGBANG.”


Q: What attraction you would like to visit in Singapore?

A: We have not been to there yet but we would like to go and visit Clark Quay!


Q: Other than working, what do you all normally do?

A: Although we cannot demonstrate here, we normally exercise by doing Yoga. It is to help us to maintain a good body shape!


Q: If you are a guy, which member you would like to date?

Haei: “It’s really difficult for me to choose. But since I think the look is very important, I will choose Mizi.”

Yoa: “I will go for every member in the group. Every day, I will choose a different girl, each day a girl to have more varieties. “

Mizi: “I will choose the youngest person in the group.”

Jaein: “Even though I also prefer a younger person, I will choose Haei because she is cute!”


Q: Would you like to tell us some interesting about the members sitting beside you?

Haei joked: “Firstly about Jaein, when we were on a diet, we were told not to eat too much but I saw her eat a lot secretly that were bought from the convenient store at night. Although you might see Mizi have a perfect appearance now, she looked like a monster when I first saw her dressed strangely. Lastly for Yoa, she was my room mate, and she don’t like taking shower. And as for me, I’ve no secret.”

The press conference was concluded with a dinner reception for everyone present.

Check out the photos of the event below:


hellokpop would like to express our special thanks to KPOPGAGA for organizing and giving us the opportunity to cover this event.

The event is sponsored by Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Oasia Hotel Singapore and F&N, with supporting partners TUNGLOK, SAFRA and Unielement.


Event covered by: [email protected]

Event credit to: kpopgaga


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