A Fangirl Diary: 7 Moments With EXO From “EXplOration” In Manila To Treasure 24/7

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A fangirl’s account to the recent journey EXO embarked on, with EXO-Ls in Manila proving that the group is an expert in bringing an out-of-this-world experience.

EXO painted a smile on many Filipino EXO-Ls’ faces on the nights of August 23 and 24 as they visited the city yet again for their newest tour, EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration.

We aren’t kidding when we describe ourselves in the middle of the concert as “going crazy” – because it was truly a rollercoaster of emotions right from the moments that the gates to heaven (aka the boys finally gracing the stage) opened.

Of course, we’re letting our inner EXO-L take over by recounting some of our favourite moments from their visit that we will treasure 24/7!

All-time faves

The entire arena howled with thunderous excitement and screams as the boys performed some of their past songs which serve as all-time favourites of most EXO-Ls.

This included “Growl”, “Overdose”, and “Call Me Baby” – which sent this EXO-L (whose first time it is to finally see the group for their solo concert instead of sharing the stage with other artists) crying while watching.

They also performed “Unfair” – and hearing “Omaya” live definitely felt like a dream come true.

The very hyped stage of “Monster” also electrified this fan’s bloodstream – and even surprised her concert buddy as she started singing and rapping along to her favourite EXO song! “I’m sorry, you make me so crazy – you know you do“, right, Chen?

For every fan, hearing these songs get staged live along with the group’s newest releases just makes you think about how far they have gone with their career a lot. Along with the nostalgia, these thoughts tug at your heart and make you feel so proud of them for achieving their dreams and more.

Heart-stopping solo stages

As much as we love them together as a full group, it was very nice to see them take the stage on their own for their solo performances. That way, fans got to see a different side to the boys – showing that there’s much more to them, especially in terms of talents, compared to what most non-fans know.

Hearing their releases like the solo debut songs of Baekhyun (the very sultry “U.N Village”) and Chen (the super melodious “April, and a Flower”) and sub-unit debut songs of Chanyeol and Sehun for EXO-SC covered just how busy the group’s members had been for the year with activities other than the ones they have together as a group.

What elicited so much screams from the EXO-Ls at the venue where Suho and Kai’s solo performances though – not just because they gifted everyone with a quick look at their well-built bodies, of course, but also because they took the word “intense” to the next level!

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“Power” gifts

“We got that power, power” – to make an entire arena erupt in excited screams solely for EXO! It even got louder as they jumped around on stage as they performed their ultimate happy bop “Power”, along with bringing out some treats to lucky fans.

Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun gifted some EXO-Ls with balls they signed on stage while singing along to the upbeat song. A couple of lucky fans were able to take home these treats which the boys threw towards the crowd right after signing.

Though we weren’t fortunate enough to catch Chanyeol and Chen’s gifts from our seats, we were very happy for the EXO-Ls by our section who got to receive such sweet bonuses!

Getting Bias-wrecked

Ah, the unavoidable “problem” during every EXO concert. As formerly mentioned, each member had a chance to take the spotlight on their own with their solo stages – and add to that their shining performances when with the entire group, it was so difficult to stay in just one lane yet again.

We mean, with Suho whipping out his biceps in a tank top, Baekhyun being such a cutie, Chen being among the gods of singing, Chanyeol being such a playful spirit, Kai being such an energetic dancing machine, and Sehun overflowing with stage charisma especially when he smiles and dances, how can fans possibly keep their eyes on just one?

“Let’s make it three days next time!”

During the first day, the boys talked about how happy and excited they were when they heard that they would be spending two solid days performing for EXO-Ls in Manila.

Listening to them recount their memorable experiences in the country and seeing the joy on their faces softened the hearts of everyone in the venue. Additionally, knowing that the Philippines, along with their fans here, had meant so much to them felt so heartwarmingly sweet and touching.

So, when Chanyeol said “Next time, let’s make it three days”, you can just imagine how much our hearts burst.

On-stage Playfulness

Yes, they are serious performers – but once it comes to their ment portions, EXO turns into children with their fun and playful sides coming out.

A note to every fan is to watch out the silly things that happen during these portions on their concerts. These range from Kai and Sehun just randomly dancing while one of the members was talking, to Chanyeol and Kai distracting Suho from his speech by playing around with a toy.

The latter even got the group’s maknae, who was standing at the other side, to suggest playing as a whole group instead!

“We are One”

Yes, we are talking about that VCR which drove everyone emotional towards the end. We won’t spoil it for you – but we’ll definitely say that it was apt for this point in every EXO-L’s lives.

With the message it aimed to get across, the group’s VCR for EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration also served as both of their promise and reminder to fans – that we are, and we will always be, one.

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