[FAN MEETING RECAP] B.I Spends A Fun-Filled Night With Fans Via “B.I OFFLINE” Fan Meeting

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Global IDs definitely had the most wonderful time with B.I during the idol’s offline and online fan meeting held last weekend!

Multi-talented South Korean soloist B.I gave fans a fun-filled night to remember through his recently-held fan meeting titled B.I OFFLINE.

Amidst the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapper-songwriter made sure that IDs had fun during the majestic event. He did a great job in bonding with spectators through various corners that highlighted his entertainment skills and impressive talent in singing and rapping.

The fan meeting began at exactly 7 PM KST via the Hellolive platform. Revolving around the concept of casually hanging out with his dearest fans and drawing a sub-character, B.I shone effortlessly with his charms and managed to capture the attention of viewers with his ethereal beauty.



B.I began the fun virtual party by singing one of his recent hits “Flame” from his chart-topping 2021 album Cosmos. While donning a baggy grey suit, and spitting the words to his catchy song, the soloist looks youthful and charismatic. Viewers surely felt right at that moment that he truly belongs to the stage and is born to be a performer.

The chants and cheers given by the offline fans while B.I is singing were also very audible, making everyone feel as if the artist is holding an actual concert inside a huge venue.

To sustain the great energy, B.I continued his opening performance with the rock-themed track “Nineteen.” During this particular stage, the charming artist waved to fans and hyped everyone up with his cute little dance breaks and random adlibs.

B.I then introduced himself and greeted IDs watching physically and virtually right after. His happiness was evident right from the very start, making the event more memorable and enjoyable.


To facilitate a smooth-sailing show, B.I became the MC for the event. He played as an intern named Edward Joe Ten Thousand Blue The Skinny Boy King to present the first segment, where answered questions, unleashed his hidden charms, and revealed fun facts about himself. B.I even wore specs and prepared a PowerPoint to make the corner more interesting.

One of the things he revealed during the fan meeting as Intern Kim Hanbin is that he is an animal lover. To emphasize this fact, he put adorable cat and dog photos in his presentation.

To add, Intern Kim Hanbin also promised that he would get off work on time. If ever he receives a text message on weekend, he’ll pretend he didn’t see it because weekends are precious to him.

He even received a mission where he must go on a food adventure with Artist B.I, who has no school memories at all. This is a project that should encourage Artist B.I to eat with others without resorting to instant food and fast food deliveries. If ever he sees B.I eat some, he should not talk to him.

Ending the lovely segment with a bang, Intern Kim Hanbin read messages from online fans, who commented in the stream’s chatbox. One of the messages said “1000%, take care of yourself, you are worthy” and B.I replied by saying that he got it and that he will do that more often from now on.

He also replied to someone who asked for a world tour and B.I happily said that he’ll do it soon. The artist emphasized that he wants to go to Brazil, Europe, China, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and the United States, among others, to see his supportive fans in person.


Showing his unrivaled presence as a soloist, B.I graced the stage and delivered amazing performances for his loving fans. He delighted the audience by performing some of his most well-loved tracks, including “Water Fall,” “Remember Me,” “Re-birth,” “Flame,” and “Illa Illa.”

IDs present in the venue and those online as well made the fan meeting more special. Together, they poured their all-out support to B.I by actively cheering, doing fan chants, and sending love messages during the event.

B.I wrapped up his first-ever fan meeting by expressing his gratitude to all those who continue to love him and his artistry. “Thank you for liking me, and I am always thankful. I will always live without forgetting that gratefulness,” he said.

Moreover, he also took to social media to share a post-event photo, as well as a video message, which was posted on Hellolive. He said, “Hello! This is B.I. Did you enjoy my 1st fanmeet? I enjoyed and was so happy to meet the fans offline and communicate with IDs online like this. I plan to meet you all again in the future in many different ways. See you next time again on hellolive! Bye.”

Photos from Hellolive and 131 Labels

Hellokpop thanks Hellolive for the media invites. The event was covered by Khris Virgilio (khrizvyy) and Patricia Cabela.