Filipino Fans Learn Figurerobics From Korean Fitness Star, Jung Da Yeon

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It is sizzling summer in the Philippines now and South Korea’s fitness star Jung Da Yeon turns on the heat further by teaching Figurerobics to Filipinos to get that summer-ready body!

On April 11, Jung Da Yeon, together with Philippine’s Celebrity Zumba Master Ron Antonio, taught hundreds of Filipinos on how to get their body in the desirable shape. Ron Antonio, first led the crowd with his popular Zumba exercise with a song he personally recorded, entitled Dance with You. Jung Da Yeon then followed the workout party with the exercise choreography she designed herself.  The crowd then started to groove and burn calories.

The fitness party did not just end with the exercise session. 11 lucky fans bagged beauty products, which Jung Da Yeon brought with her as a gift to fans, while almost every participant got the chance to take a photo with the two fitness stars.


We would like to thank Ms. Gigi Melodias of Fangirlasia and Ms. Kim Ji-Young of KPHOON Media for giving us this opportunity to cover the event.

Photos and event covered by: Sunlee16 of hellokpop
Technical Assistance: Paulene of hellokpop

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