Hebat-lah! Lunafly shines at ‘F.Y.I on Stage in Malaysia’

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Devoid of fancy special effects, pyrotechnics or any other visual gimmicks,the charm in Lunafly lies in their passion in music and performing, but their definite magnetism is Lunafly’s honesty as they give it their all on stage.

Performing for a 250-strong crowd at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, the intimate showcase was a great opportunity for Lukies to interact with Lunafly, and to experience their amazing live vocals in person. Lunafly also attained the privilege to be the very first Korean group that FYI has brought over for a series of international events. Consisting of Leader Sam Carter, Teo and Yun, it was obvious that the boys have a very solid fan base here in Malaysia.

Local up and rising YouTube star, Enessa, who rose to popularity as one of the  Malaysian representatives of TvN’s Kpop Star Hunt Season 2, was the opening act for Lunafly. She won the crowd over with her performances of her original song Hatiku, and rendition of 2NE1‘s Lonely. She was also joined on stage by Tasha, her friend and fellow Youtube star, who provided the instrumentals to the songs she sang.

All the Lukies went into fits of wild screaming when Lunafly first appeared on stage, dressed in chic monochrome outfits reminiscent of their styling portrayed in their second mini album, Clear Day Cloudy Day.  Each of the Lunafly members got a little help during their introduction, with the crowd finishing off their sentences with utmost gusto. The boys were taken aback about how well-received they were in Malaysia, and Sam commented about how lively and enthusiastic everyone was before kicking off the first song of the night, the mellow yet emotional Clear Day Cloudy Day.

After the last note of the song resounded around the theater, Lunafly wasted no time launching into a high energy cover of Justin Bieber‘s Baby, one of their pre-debut song covers that garnered them quite an amount of hype and attention in the industry. Lunafly enjoyed the fans’ participation in their songs, encouraging all those present to sing along with them, with Teo constantly giving the crowd a chance to bring out their inner songbirds.  Sam too noted the crowd’s enthusiasm in singing, remarking that everyone there were good singers.

After a brief break, Lunafly teased the fans by saying that each individual member had prepared something special just for their showcases- individual solos, and the mere mention of it sent all the Lukies in an excited frenzy. Leader Sam took the lead and performed a soulful cover of Rihanna‘s California King Bed, which definitely left the crowd swooning over his voice. Before the spotlight shone on Teo, Sam revealed that his solo song,  Shontelle‘s Impossible,  held a lot of significance to Teo and it was a very emotional song for him to sing. Teo definitely gave a heart-wrenching performance, embedding his emotions in every word as he sang. Lukies applauded him for his bravery and performance, lifting and yelling out their support banners and phrases after he concluded his solo. Yun turned the emotional atmosphere into a lighthearted, upbeat one with his bubbly cover of Jason Mraz‘s I’m Yours, another song that got the crowd singing along as well.

Lunafly then took a brief break to rest and conduct a quick fanchat. When asked about their namesakes as ‘Favorite Youtube Icons’ and what advice they would give to people who were aspiring to be singers or artists through their videos on YouTube, Yun said that because it wasn’t that long since they started (debuted), he really didn’t know what to say, which garnered laughter from the crowd for his cute reply. Sam added that it was important as a singer to have your own color, and to work hard for it as well.

Teo then proceeded to showcase his skills in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of Malaysia, wowing the crowd with his surprising fluency. Sam then noted that Teo had written several phrases on his hand for quick reference, showing off how determined he was to learn Bahasa Malaysia. Moreover, Teo became the ‘Bahasa Malaysia Lecturer’ for both Yun and Sam, teaching them phrases such as Saya kacak (I am handsome), Saya comel (I am cute) and hebat (awesome), much to the glee of the crowd. Sam was apprehensive of the phrases Teo had taught him,  stating his reason as “he(Teo) always teaches me the wrong Korean!”

Teo had also added a bit of Malaysian flavor into his sentences throughout the fantalk, adding the suffix -lah to everything he said, which gained the crowd’s approval. (Lah is a type of Malaysian slang that most Malaysians use to end their sentences.)

Prior to their duet of Justin Bieber’s As Long as You Love Me with Enessa, Lunafly revealed that they were impressed with her singing and vice versa. Their duet was a crowd favorite as there were equal amount of cheers for both Enessa and Lunafly. In addition to these songs, Lunafly also sang Superhero and a cover of Maroon 5‘s Payphone and This Love before retreating backstage for costume change.

During the break, Charger Outfitters goodie bags were given out to Lukies who were up to the challenge of singing the chorus from one Lunafly song in front of the entire crowd.  The response was overwhelming and the host, Malaysian personality Max Lim, had trouble picking out the lucky Lukies.

Lunafly then returned to the stage, now dressed in quirky pink themed outfits, to perform their other songs off their first and second mini albums such as One More Step and Seeing You or Missing You.  Sam suddenly requested all media and fans present to stop recording, as they were going to reveal two tracks from their yet-to-be released first full length album, Fly to Love, which will only be unveiled on the 3rd of April. All Lukies present were ecstatic as they got a exclusive preview of Fly to Love and Innocent and Young.

They also performed Bruno MarsLocked Out of Heaven and Just The Way You Are, along with Olly MursTroublemaker. Their set ended on an energetic note with Train‘s 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, but as Lunafly waved and returned backstage, more surprises were in store for the Lukies.

Lunafly reappeared on stage for the third time of the night, donning the t-shirts gifted to them by MyLunafly, Malaysia’s official Lunafly fanbase. They performed a Malay song entitled Bila Terasa Rindu for the crowd, before initiating their Q & A session with the fans. Sam was asked about what English phrase he would teach the other members in particular. When Teo was requested to say what phrases Sam had taught him, he’d coolly replied “I Love you” and “Will you marry me?”, much to the delight of the fans. Sam denied ever teaching Teo these phrases, claiming that the latter had searched them up on the Internet. As for Yun, he sang a line from Bruno Mars’ Marry You, which Sam had taught him. The entire crowd was soon in peals in laughter because of their cheekiness.

Fans then vehemently requested Lunafly to do kiyomi player with Teo doing it with full gusto, while Sam needed more coaxing before reluctantly agreeing to do it after being pressed by fans and Teo.  Yun did it willingly and even sat at the edge of the stage to enhance the overall feel that kiyomi player projects.

Lunafly then pulled Max and Baki, who is also a Malaysian TV personality, to perform kiyomi player, Teo as the ringleader, much to the chagrin of the two TV personalities. They ended the fantalk session with a One Direction medley, performing several of One Direction’s hits such as One Thing, What Makes You Beautiful, and Live While We’re Young. They performed off stage and approached the fans, ending the setlist of the night with a show-stopping performance.

The three-hour showcase concluded with the autograph and photo-taking session for everyone present.  Although small in numbers, the fans made Lunafly feel their love, support and appreciation- just as how Teo had dubbed the event, ‘hebat-lah!’ (it’s awesome!) We hope to see Lunafly on Malaysian soil again soon!


Special thanks to the event organiser, M.E Malaysia and official event presenter, Chargers Outfitters 

Event covered by clarissa@hellokpop
Photos edited by Seckvoon@hellokpop


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