Heechul: “Philippines, Coming Soon, Super Show”

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Expertise in fan service comes with age, crowds rejoice during M&D’s performance.

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul arrived in the Philippines for the nth time to join TRAX‘s Jungmo as M&D (Midnight and Dawn) in the 200th special episode of ‘MBC Music Show Champion in Manila‘ held on September 3 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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As the boys of SM Entertainment’s duo M&D entered the hall for the press conference, Heechul tried his best to greet the members of the press in English, and uttered, “Coming soon, Philippines.”

Since it was the second time for Jungmo to visit the country, he elaborated on the food he wants to try, and the places he wants to visit in the country. Heechul’s nth time in the country made him confidently say he shouldn’t be asked the question on his expectations during his visit.


Heechul also posted an update on his Instagram account prior to the start of the show, where he is seen eating a burger from the famous Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee.


jungmo smiles at hellokpop camera

Jungmo: It’s my second visit to the Philippines after the Super Show, can’t wait to see our fans again. Thank you for the endless love.

At the press conference, the duo confidently answered the interview questions for them. Being the oldest members of the artists’ lineup for the 200th episode of the ‘MBC Music Show Champion’, the two idols have shown a good example to their hoobaes in the music industry.


Q: How does it feel to be part of the ‘MBC Music Show Champion’ in Manila?

Heechul: First of all, we know that ‘MBC Music Show champion’ is a very popular music show in Korea, and as much as it is, all idols wish to be part of the show. We are really thankful and honored to be part of it.

Jungmo: I’m really excited to be part of this popular show and it makes us happier to be held here in Manila where we have so many fans.


Q: What do you miss about Manila?

Jungmo: It’s been around 2009-2010 since I last visited Manila and I really love the fruits here especially the mangoes.

Heechul: I’ve been here very often so everything is familiar.


Q: What can we expect from you both in the concert?

Jungmo: I know that Filipino fans love Korean bands and our music, later we will show you how a real band performs and we hope you will enjoy the show.

Heechul: The new idol groups will obviously show you perfect choreography today, but in our case we will show you how to interact with fans and enjoying on stage.


The duo ended their interview with a heartwarming message to the fans. Heechul acknowledged the Filipino fans as the “most supportive fans in the world”, and hopes for each and every fan to be healthy and happy. Jungmo was thankful that he was given another chance to perform in the Philippines, and hopes for the crowd to enjoy their performance.

During the show, M&D performed their hit singles Close Your Mouth and Ulsanbawi, coupled with various interaction with the fans. What seemed to be a crowd from multiple and different fandom became a single, united fan club that cheered and sang along Heechul and Jungmo’s rendition of Rokkugo, the catchy song from Super Junior’s sub-unit SJ-T (Super Junior Trot).

When they introduced themselves to the fans after their first songHeechul made claim for another possible Super Junior concert in Manila when he uttered “Philippines, coming soon, Super Show 7”, which drove the crowd wild.


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The 200th special episode of MBC Music Show Champion in Manila held at the Mall of Asia Arena on September 3, 2016 was made possible for the Filipino fans by All Access Productions.

We would like to thank Ms. Aya and All Access Productions for the media invite to the press conference and the show.

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