[HKP EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] (G)I-DLE Reflects On Their Road To Success, Music Plans & Love For NEVERLAND

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(G)-IDLE is a group that defies convention, continuously making bold impressions on listeners with their musically versatile discography. The members speak out on their rising success, the struggles they encountered along the way, and advice for those chasing their dreams in this exclusive interview with HELLOKPOP!

Since their debut in 2018, (G)I-DLE has charmed their way into the hearts of fans domestically and abroad. The six-member K-pop group hails from various areas around Asia: Miyeon, Soyeon, and Soojin are from South Korea, Minnie is from Thailand, Yuqi is from China, and Shuhua is from Taiwan. While the members boast national diversity capturing support and interest globally, the group also continues to impress listeners with their music. Equal parts unafraid and versatile, their wide discography serves as a bold voice against convention.


One of the factors contributing to their distinct voice in the K-pop industry is that the women self-write and self-produce their music. With this creative freedom, (G)I-DLE fashions music close to their hearts, tracks emblematic of themselves and of the messages they desire to share with the world. This forms a rich variety of songs across different genres, with new concepts at every release. As such, (G)I-DLE proves that they remain undaunted by experimentation and unrestrained by limitations.

Yet for all the different sides that they deliver to fans, (G)I-DLE communicates a constant authenticity and genuinity for each other and for their supporters. The result of this is a worldwide fandom named NEVERLAND, connected by their love for the members and the music they produce. The group’s talent, coupled with the effort of their fans’ support, was evident in the plethora of achievements (G)I-DLE received since debut. This includes hitting the milestone of releasing the second best-selling girl group single album in K-pop with their recent release, DUMDi DUMDi.

Now, as their success continues to rise exponentially and with their second online concert on the way, (G)I-DLE joins HELLOKPOP for an exclusive interview to discuss their current success, future goals, and advice they have to those striving for their dreams.

HELLOKPOP (HKP): Hello (G)I-DLE! It’s nice to be able to communicate with you for the first time. To start, you have had an incredibly busy summer. Your latest Korean single, “DUMDi DUMDi” broke many personal records for you as a group, such as becoming your most-number-one song on iTunes charts across 42 regions, as well as becoming your highest viewed music video. What were your thoughts on your immense success?

MIYEON: Thank you so much for enjoying and loving (G)I-DLE’s music. I hope to show you great music and performances and I’d like you to be with us like now.

SHUHUA: Thank you NEVERLAND and everyone who likes our music. Just as you support us, we will work harder and let you listen to good music a lot. Thank you!

HKP: “DUMDi DUMDi” is fun summer track, and very different from the title track, “Oh My God” from your latest mini-album I Trust. Looking at your discography as a whole, you really emphasize musical versatility. Is there a concept that you have not tried yet that you would like to explore in the future? Are there any fears you encounter when trying such a range of concepts?

YUQI: I want to try a variety of concepts. When we try a new concept, I think I’m more excited about how people will react to our new concept rather than being worried or afraid.

HKP: In particular, members Minnie, Yuqi, and Soyeon all have composing and lyric-writing credits. What is your process like when creating for (G)I-DLE?

MINNIE: I like emotional and calm music and generally write songs of those styles, but I always like to try new styles for the group. I’m aspiring to write exciting and rhythmic songs, but I’m still more confident with writing ballads!

SOYEON: I tend to think about what I want to say and write songs about it.

YUQI: I don’t think much when I write songs. Just do what I want to do at the moment.

HKP: Your lyrics are often evocative and empowering, such as those from “Lion” like “break the cage of prejudice / how dare someone stop me and control me”. Do you have any advice for fans on expressing their own individuality?

MIYEON: You don’t need to hesitate about what you want to do and what you want to say. It’s not easy, but I think the most important thing is to trust yourself.



HKP: On top of the difficulties of trainee life, many members also endured the hardships of being in a different country, widely separated from family and friends. What helped motivate you during times of struggle, and what advice would you have for fans who are experiencing trouble on the path to achieve their dreams?

MINNIE: When I was a trainee, there were many times that I wanted to give up, but I endured the time thinking about my parents. Since my parents trusted me and sent me to Korea for my dream, I wanted to succeed and become a proud daughter. Also, it cheered me up to think that something good would happen as much as it was hard. I hope you don’t give up as well.

YUQI: The members really took care of me a lot. I was not lonely at all because the members understood each other so we were like family. If you decide that you can do everything for your dream and if you can remember when you first dreamed of it, you can overcome any difficulties. Never give up.

SHUHUA: I thought my family and friends who believed in and loved me whenever I was exhausted, and I cheered up thinking that I should succeed to show them a proud image of me. Eat if you’re hungry, cry if you want to cry, and don’t be discouraged. You’re doing great!

HKP: Since your debut in 2018, was there a specific moment in your journey that stood out to you as a significant turning point in your careers? What was the moment when you knew you were on the right track for your sound and concepts?

SOYEON: The moment we were on Mnet’s Queendom. I think we’ve shown (G)I-DLE’s color and got recognized for it.



HKP: (G)I-DLE’s unique charisma is something you all recognized in your fan-gift track, “i’M THE TREND”. What is one of your charms as a group that you are most proud of?

SOOJIN: Our own character and music

SHUHUA: The character of each member.



HKP: Despite postponing your world tour due to COVID-19, (G)I-DLE has had an incredibly busy year with three recent releases. What can you say motivates you most and what are your goals looking forward?

SOYEON: The thing that motivates me the most is the people who like our music. The goal to achieve is to do music together for a long time.

YUQI: My goal is to always do the music that I want to do!

HKP: (G)I-DLE is discussed as one of K-pop’s fourth-generation outstanding groups, at the forefront of K-pop not only domestically, but also globally. How do you feel about being recognized as one of the groups at the helm of the global Hallyu wave?

MIYEON: I hope to show you the better way, as much as you love me. We will continue to grow and think about our next step.

HKP: From dramas, variety shows, and photoshoots, you have all had very exciting solo projects in addition to your work as a group. Is there anything you would like to pursue in the future that you have not yet individually?

MIYEON: Recently, I’ve had more various experiences, and I’d like to experience what I’ve challenged so far more than the new things.

SHUHUA: I’d like to try acting!

HKP: With one digital concert under your belt already, and your online fanmeet quickly approaching, in what ways has (G)I-DLE changed the preparation process or performances for digitally held concerts compared to in-person?

SOYEON: Since it’s online fan meeting, we are going to show you some interesting contents that you can’t see during offline performances.

MIYEON: We’re preparing very hard for this online fan meeting. Please look forward to it!

HKP: Lastly, do you have any words of comfort or messages you would like to give NEVERLAND?

MIYEON: It’s a hard time all over the world, but let’s get through it together and see each other healthy, I love you, NEVERLAND!

MINNIE: NEVERLAND! I really miss you so much. Please take care of your health and wait until we meet again. Always, thank you so much.

SOOJIN: NEVERLAND! I always think about NEVERLAND a lot. I miss you and will wait for you healthy. See you soon!

SOYEON: NEVERLAND, always thank you and don’t get sick!

YUQI: My NEVERLAND, always thank you and love you so much. I’m always thinking about you. You’re really precious to me, so please wait until we meet again.

SHUHUA: Please eat well, rest well, and take good care of your health. That’s how we can meet soon, NEVERLAND!

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to meeting (G)I-DLE at their upcoming digital fan meeting titled, GBC in the NEVERLAND, on November 8 at 5 PM KST.

Tickets are already available for purchase at INTERPARK TICKET and the event will be live-streamed through a link provided to ticketholders at a later date.


You can follow (G)I-DLE on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Check out their first single album, DUMDi DUMDi on Spotify too.

All photos in this feature were provided by CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. This interview was conducted in Korean and was translated by the agency into English.

Interview coverage by Kirsten for Hellokpop