Introducing Super Junior’s inspired group S9B

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You may all well wonder, just who is S9B and from Indonesia?

Super 9 Boyz or stylized as S9B is an Indonesian Kpop-inspired 9-member boyband and probably some of you may have gotten it right away if you are an ELF. Yes, they are a band inspired from our favorite Kpop boyband none other than Super Junior!

To bring you to a closer understanding of S9B, the boys belong to an organisation called United Kpop Lovers Indonesia (UKLI) which has brought the boys together to form a band as what they are today. UKLI is an organisation whose vision is to gather South Korea and Indonesia to the same purpose of having good cooperation on entertainment and culture.

Indonesia is one of the many Asian countries that has been seeing more and more of Kpop influences in the recent years and right now, you can never imagine how awesome Kpop means to Indonesian Kpop lovers and that can probably suggest the fast rising popularity of S9B !

Recently, our hellokpop media team member, Wusuwa from Indonesia, has this prestigious honor to receive an invitation from Nagaswara, an Indonesian talent agency to visit and cover the band first MV shooting for the single ACDC which took place at Peter’s Mechanic Shop at Bintaro.

They are professional full-time singers and come from backgrounds namely as actors, singers and models. You may well be amazed at how they are going to impress you with their singing when they sing Super Junior’s songs! For a new group like S9B, it is amazingly to know that they already have a solid fan base whose fans called themselves Beasties.

Their popularity has been heating up rapidly within the country, already with many successful mini showcases and meet-and-greet sessions in several shopping mall in Jakarta.

Now, there is a small sweet treat from S9B’s management company, Nagaswara. You can click HERE to get a free download of S9B’s latest single ACDC and check out their music video below:

[vsw id=”AbFq3SfoGSg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

All sources and song download : Nagaswara

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