[Concert Recap] IU Takes An Enchanting Performance In Her “Love, Poem” Concert In Singapore

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IU showered hope to Singaenas with a promise to meet each other next year – and the years after.

On December 6, Korean Songstress Lee Ji Eun, better known as IU, returned to the Sunny Island for her 2019 IU Love, Poem Concert.

Presenting a two-day event, IU decorated the first show with a colorful performance and inspiring life lessons. Filled to the rafters, the Star Theatre was once again witnessed the rave of her loyal supporters waiting for her scintillating stage.

Doting her fans with an almost four-hour show, IU never lost her energy connecting to her audience. Today, we will take you to IU’s amazing music in the first day of her two-day concert.

A Calm And Relaxing Stage

Looking like a doll, IU was exquisite personified on stage wearing a stunning floral dress.

With a live band on the background, IU greeted her fans with “Unlucky” creating a calm mood in the theater.

Momentarily, IU shifted in another cozy stage with “Palette”.  As if it was a theater play, IU completed the song with stage props of a desk, table lamp, and her angelic voice.

For a moment, IU candidly spoke to her supporters as she gave a warm message –  “I just want you to feel more love and get love through this concert”.

Moving on, fans quietly listened to her saccharine voice with “Autumn Morning”. After that, the audience sang along with her backing her up with cute yells of “yay” in “Friday”.

Before she continued with her next song – “Secret Garden”, IU shared another inspiring message taken from the lyrics of the song. The singer quoted, “Forget about what happened yesterday. Everyone makes a mistake. Nobody’s perfect.”

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Jamming The Night Away

Despite being a solo artist, IU maintained her stardom all throughout. Thanks to her versatility, she can reach out to the audience from different ages.

After her short break, IU came back on stage with a leveled up performance bringing a jazzy vibe for the rest of the night.

Jamming the night away, IU performed “Visitor”, “23” and the crowd’s favorite “BBIBBI”.

Following the vibe, IU belted her high notes with the first song she composed when she was 17 – “Hold My Hand”.

The energy keeps on getting higher especially when IU performed another crowd favorite, “Last Night Story”. It turned the night into a musical extravaganza. The audience knew the song perfectly well, leaving IU in amazement.

Moreover, fan chants filled the theater and a sea of lighted roses surprised IU as she performed her latest track “Blueming”.

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The Unexpected Hotel Del Luna Medley

Following her heartwarming track “Meaning Of You”, IU turned back the table to surprise her fans. With a little preparation, IU gifted the crowd with a medley of Hotel Del Luna‘s OST.

After which, IU paraded her other mellow songs “Lullabye” and “Through The Night”

Fans Can’t Let Go Of IU

Almost four hours of the show seem long to others but for Uenas, it still was not enough. IU knew how to tease her fans shifting from mellow songs to energetic tracks like “Sogyeokdong and “Red Shoes”. Inevitably, it fueled the fans’ energy hoping the night won’t end.

Closing the night, IU left the fans with an enchanting mode through “Above The Time” and “You And I”.

Not wanting to let her go, the crowd chanted her name asking for an encore. With their blasting call, IU came back on stage giving in to her fans request performing two more songs, “Good Day” and the concert’s title, “Love Poem”.

It may seem to be difficult for IU to perform knowing the recent sad news regarding her lost friends but she showed her bright and sunny side all throughout the night. Sharing her piece of advice, she left the crowd with a hopeful message – a promise to meet each Singuenas each year.

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Event covered by: Tetchie Medina and Rochelle Manio

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