Jang Ki Yong In Manila Frolics With Beautiful Moments Worth Capturing

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Filled with endearing moments, fans of Jang Ki Yong who came to attend his Filmography fan meeting in Manila received more than what was promised.

Welcomed by Filipinos and overseas fans, Jang Ki Yong overwhelmed the crowd with his witty remarks and impressive insights. Aside from that, he vaunted his singing and rapping skills sending the audience to frequent dreamy moments.

As if it was not enough, the talented actor, who knows he is such a visual feast, made his fans love him more with his remarkable attitude.

Like a breathtaking movie – 2019 Jang Ki Yong 1st Fan Meeting in Manila – Filmography, captured scenes of genuine merrymaking between the actor and his supporters.

With fans obediently relishing their moments with their favorite artist, the event became more extraordinary because of its intimate set-up. The audience are focused on the program flow obeying the no-filming instruction of the crowd control team.

At other times, the attendees might not like the restriction. However, Jang owned his label as the “man of the night”. Entrancing the fan meeting goers, he somehow put us under his spell that our eyes are locked to his many charms showcased that night.

Beautiful Life with Jang Ki Yong

Anticipating the start of the event, the model turned actor sweetly overwhelmed the venue which was filled to the rafters with his opening number. Belting out a cover of Crush “Beautiful Life”, it definitely was an irresistible premonition of how captivating the two-hour spectacle with be.

Greeting the audience after his spellbinding song number, he shared jumping on a food trip right away when he arrived in the country. He also expressed gratitude meeting his Filipino fans for the first time.

Explaining the theme of his fan meeting, Jang wanted to reminisce the best moments of his acting journey so far.


A String of Photo Mementos

Not only did fans get exclusive stories about Jang’s growth as an actor, a series of images from 1992 up to the current year was shared. The actor delightfully revealed stories behind the pictures.

In the photos shared, Jang confessed being naughty as a kid. He also relayed how he has a lot of photos on a vacation with his family. Revealing his father prioritizes family bonding moments, he also shared  how he looks like her mother a lot.

From the photos shared between 2004 to 2009, Jang Ki Yong reckoned fond memories from when he was studying. A sticker photo and remembrance photo with his school friends reflected the happy and normal years he had as a student.

Breaking the entertainment scene in 2012, a picture of Jang with braces as a budding model made him share how wearing braces was his trademark then in his modelling days. He further admitted missing the runway and his awareness of how fans loved his prince-like face has pushed him to throw melting gazes to the raving fans.

Deserving of the shower of blessings

Diligently working in his transition to an actor, his short stint in It’s Okay That’s Love became the starting point of his acting journey. His roles in The Liar and His Lover and Go Back Couple eventually pushed to his main lead starring roles in Come and Hug Me. The series gifted him with his Baeksang Arts Awards new actor honor.

In a quick Q&A segment of the fan meet, he responded to curious questions his fans might have of him. Responding he considers the script a lot when working on his project, it attest to his sound intellect. Given the range of characters he has played so far, his acting depth is notable not to mention engaging.

Jang Ki Yong shared Bad Guys and Search WWW are his memorable projects so far.

Jang Ki Yong

Game to please his fans

Another highlight of the night was the laughter-filled games prepared for Jang and his adoring fans. The actor was tasked to reenact popular scenes from his dramas. Lucky fans were summoned to the stage  and got the “back hug”, “bench connecting dot” and “drunk falling on you” scenes.

While Korean actor fan meets usually generate female dominated squeals, at this point, a family with three burly men caught our attention because they were also joining the fun laughing out loud.

In another game, the fans who were proven in sync with the actor went on a jump rope – sit-ups – and balloon pop relay. The energizing game let the fans in the venue enjoying immensely the exciting game.

Playlist Talk

For one of the last segments, and a fitting one to cap off the evening, Jang Ki Yong ultimately burst is charisma. Belting songs with a voice definitely on par with South Korean singers, he shared his favorite songs, along with cute anecdotes about him.

Confessing he was an old soul, he likes sentimental songs and shared The Breeze’ “What Should I Say” is one of his favorites. He also likes Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s  cover of “Shallow” from the film, A Star is Born.

He also sang along on Sung Hoon’s “Fall in Love” and nailed a rap cover of Yozm gang.


Between breaks, video presentations of Jang’s relaxing day at Hangang river was also shown. Along with a feature on Jang’s Philippine fans engagement to providing books in a local school.

Jang Ki Yong overwhelmed his fans with amazing talents and overflowing smiles. He gamely played with his fans and revealed his brilliant mind through his insights.

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