Interview With Jenny Kim, Korea’s Delegate For Miss Universe 2016

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Words of wisdom from Miss Universe Korea, Jenny Kim.

We met up with Miss Universe Korea Jenny Kim at Lotte Hotel for a chat to get to know her and her upcoming goals.

She started out by sharing her favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”

Jenny shared with us that this quote reflects truly about herself. She never thought that she would ever represent South Korea, and feel very honored and proud to have a chance to do so at the coming Miss Universe pageant.

Personal beliefs on beauty

To Jenny, having inner beauty is what defined beauty. She believes that there are many pretty people who have outer beauty, and how that beauty is not enough to be equalized to true beauty. “True beauty comes from the inside with beautiful feelings and emotions. You can buy clothes and cosmetics to achieve physical beauty but inner beauty is difficult to change.”


Skin care secrets

“Cleansing is the most important part of taking care of your skin. For the Miss Universe pageant, I use so much make-up on stage and for promotions. It’s very important to properly cleanse your skin. The heavy make-up makes my skin so dry so it’s also important to use moisturizing cream. My skin is quite sensitive so I avoid using toners and that helps keep my skin a little less dry.”

Challenges pursuing her dreams as Miss World Korea and Miss Universe

The contestant expressed her desire to meet up with friends and to attend school. Although these sound like a normal routine to everyone, Jenny missed the activities of an everyday life. For the past couple years, she had been away living a rather not-so-normal life to achieve her goals. “It was difficult to meet with friends, because when I meet with them, we tend to eat fast food.”


Jenny’s edge for a chance to be first ever Miss Universe from Korea

“I think my biggest strength is that I’m a multicultural kid. Since I was born in Korea but raised in Indonesia, I was exposed to a variety of cultures. The school I attended in Jakarta allowed me to embrace different cultures, and I think that is one of my biggest strengths. I can adapt and accept different cultures and beliefs. I’m also a fluent English speaker. I think it’s important to communicate with other people. There are translators at the Miss Universe pageant, although they are doing a good job in interpreting, I still think it is difficult to truly translate and deliver every feeling and meaning precisely through them.”


Preparations until Miss Universe pageant

“I have many classes for walking, posturing, and posing. These are all important for the pageant. I work out at the gym every other day. I also have to take speech classes for upcoming interviews. I’m trying to love myself a lot because it’s hard now that I’m preparing the clothes like dresses and traditional outfits.”

The first thing Jenny wants to do if she becomes Miss Universe

“It’s such a big dream. If I do become Miss Universe, I think it would be really nice to have a presentation for young people on how important it is to follow your dreams. In Korea especially, it is sometimes hard to follow their dreams, since most of the time, people just do things because others are doing it. It is important to love yourself and just go for it. I didn’t even think I could become one of the contestants for the pageant. If I become Miss Universe I think it’d be meaningful and important to me to be able to speak about that.”


Jenny’s message to Hellokpop readers

“Please love yourself. I never thought that I could be representing Korea in Miss Universe. I’ve always dreamed of it, and if you dream big, it will come true.

Every person is the light of their country, so love yourself and be confident. You could be the light and shine your country. I hope to be the light for Korea at Miss Universe. Please, please support! Thank you!”


Jenny Kim will be leaving for the Philippines to participate with other 85 beautiful contestants from all around the world in the ‘Miss Universe 2016’, held on January 30. The current Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, will be crowning her successor at the end of the event.

Watch Jenny Kim’s interview on Miss Universe Facebook page below:

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